can women be colour blind?

Answers:    I did some research about this issue, from what i have read so far is that 1 out of 10 men are likely to get and it said that it is very rare that women do, it did not say anything about women not getting it at all but the chances are random. I hope this was enough info for you and I hope I was able to help. My brother is color blind and to my surprise i have known him for 22years and i just found out new. I never noticed it and he is very comfortable with it too.
Women can also be colour-blind, but it is not common: only about one out of every 200 women can't tell colours apart. It's an inherited genetic trait. Men recieve the colour-blindness gene from their mother, who is either colour-blind, or has normal vision but carries a colour-blind gene. Daughters of colour-blind dads always carry the colour-blind gene.
Anyone can be color blind.
In rare instances, but it is a male-carried condition
this site is totally interesting.and no women are very very rarely color blind see this site for the explanation.
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