My eyes have changed colour! Why is this?

I have always had brown eyes but just over the past few weeks I have notice they are now going green. Do you know why this is?

I am 23.
Answers:    Mine change all the time from blue to green and back again. For me the color seems to be affected by my mood.
I might be wrong but that is what I have noticed.

There are a couple artitcles on the web
Eye color can change in time with age or disease.

Eye coloring is an ongoing process in the body and protiens that your body uses to make the pigment can change.

Medications can have an affect on eye color.

I am 25
Mine change all of the time,depending on the color top I wear.
You might be the original Cat Woman - how cool!!
mine are going lighter, maybe you've always had a bit of green in your eyes and it's just coming out more now?
Mines when form black to dark purple
you forgot to take out your colourd lenses he he sorry babe xx
Your eyes probably have always turned green--you've simply never noticed it. My son's eyes are mostly brown, but when he's in a good mood or happy, his eyes are green.

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