How Can I Get Taller and Skinny?

Hi! I'm 13 .I'm 5' and 144 pounds. People make fun of me because I'm short and fat. Can you tell me how to get skinny and taller
Answers:    You are still very young. You have a lot of time to grow. When I was 13 I was overweight. Now I am 22 and ppl call me too skinny, but I'm not. As far as everyone making fun of you... I know it hurts and you can't make them stop. You need to learn how to ignore all of the comments. Do something that makes you feel good. You don't say if you are M or F..?? Remember you will grow taller. Make sure to exercise at least 3-4 times a week and start eating healthy to loose some weight in the mean time.
being taller has to do with genetics. you can lose weight by cutting calories, eating healthy, and exercising thirty minutes a day.
grow and lose weight
well i would tell you , you cant get taller cuz of heirity and excirse like go to the Y or run and do new things when u workout

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