I tested positive for Meth in a urine test but did not take it. Could it have been one of the following?

Sudefed, Sudefed cold and allergy, Benadryl allergy & sinus, Alka Seltzer Plus, Alavert, Advil, I also was taking Phentramine (Hoodia Guarana). Please if someone with knowledge could let me know, kids have been taken because they say I am lying.
Answers:    I know poppy seeds in muffins can sometimes cause bad drug tests, don't know if that helps at all.
maybe, not sure
Yes, Sudafed gets my vote. Sudafed contains the main ingredient for meth.
no you just have to admit youve done meth..grow up and take responsabilty for your own actions
Best thing you can do is call your doctor an see what it could have been. Had you been around anyone else who was smoking meth and you caught second hand smoke?
that sucks

have them retest if possible
Nothing shows up as "meth" but all those are stimulants so yes.
Go back to the place where you had the test and take a retest and tell them what you've been taking. Sudafed and all.
Good luck.
That could do it... I would have them re-test after you tell them what you've been taking
I have never heard of any of those things individually causing anyone to test positive, but I guess it's possible. Perhaps you had too much sudafed or Hoodia in your system and an amphetamine is an amphetamine.
Not really sure.
False posatives are known to happen, although they seldom hold up when fighting a lab on this stuff. You may need to consult with a lawyer if you truly beleive you urin is not hot.
It was the cold meds.

Two weeks ago I helped a guy on answers that tested positive
for cocaine,I asked "did you go to the dentist?"
He had,the day before,the novacaine gave a positive on his
urine test?? the first one?? You have rights man, if you are clean ask for a hair sample to be done, and be adament about it. Lots of things can cause bad results but usually you have to have taken a lot of something. like poppy seeds, you would have to eat more than any human would ever consume in a lifetime. people that fail a test on a false posotive its usually either a lab error, or that person is trying to get high of something else.
Be honest
It would depend on how they tested your urine. Most good drug tests could weed out the Rx meds from meth. A better question is have you been around meth being made or someone who has or does it even if you don't? Theres a reason they hazmat meth labs that s*@# is caustic.
Look at the bottles.
If it contains ephedrine or sudoephedrine those are an ingredient in meth.
A better test could tell what you took.
Better tests cost more money.

Looks to me like it could be in your weight loss supplement take a look at the 2nd link.
Are you sure that those meds are the only one's you've taken? It can test back to 6 months.

I'd put a vote in for the Sudafed. (Sudafed = Psuedoephedrine = "fake" ephedra) and Ephedra is an amphetamine.

"Drugs for FALSE positive on Meth-
Dristan Nasal Spray, Neosynephren, Vicks Nasal Spray, Sudafed, etc. and others containing ephedrine or pnenypropanolamine. Over the counter appetite suppressants which contain Amphetamines. As the cross reactive list suggests at the back of the book, amphetamine false positives are the MOST common. Recent articles in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry, Vol.38 No.12 (1992) and Vol. 39 No.3 (1993) warn that medications containing chloropromazine, fluspirilene, and others may yeild a positive when tested for amphetamines"

Earlier in the article it said there were 250 OTC medications that can cause false positives on meth urine tests.
Q Will commonly ingested substances such as vitamins, penicillin, aspirin, caffeine and acetaminophen (Tylenol), affect the results?
A: No. The tests are drug and drug metabolite specific. Because these commonly ingested substances are chemically and structurally different after metabolized by the body from the drugs being tested for, they will under most circumstances not interfere with or compromise test results.
Usually before you take a urine drug test, you will be ask to write down any medications you are taking, or have taken within the past thirty days.

Did you tell or write down the drugs you were/had taken?

I know that there are over the counter cold/sinus medications used to manufacture Meth.
One comes to mind.Coricidin.

Hopefully, you have a lawyer.
yes, any of those could have sudafedrine in them , ask your pharmacist for the other common ingredients that could cause you to fail.i had mine taken 2 yrs ago, but proved the antibiotics id taken from a friend was dirty like meth, those pills are used to make meth so if i was you i would not even keep them in the house, the main over the counters are:walfidrin, sudafed and benedrin in pink box, hope this helps and good luck to getting kids back,,,
any ingredient with the suffix edrine are almost always amphetemines and would cause that kind of test result (anything cold & sinus like sudafed, benedryl allergy & advil) diet pills and pretty much anything promising that you will stay alert after taking them
No, the drug test specifically test for ampehtamines, benadryl is in a totally different catagorey as anphetamines as well as the other ove the conter drugs. Adderall, Ritalin, and other prescription stimulants contain some of the same ingredients, did you take an crystal meth specific test? If no other drug would cause a postitive. Unless you have a faulty test then no other drug will affect your results. Take another test. If you still test positive, you positively took meth.
my guess would be the phentramine, it is a stimulant, a methamphetamine..that could be it-- it is basically speed, check with your Dr and the DHHR

Good Luck!!
It could have been the pseudoephedrine in the Benadryl and Sudafed (note spelling) or it could have been the phentermine (again note spelling). If you can arrange to take the urine test again, allow 5 days for all OTCs to clear your systems completely and do so. And stop taking so many redundant medications.
some times drug testing is not allways right i would or would of had it done the second time. i took a drug test and it came up as positive for weed. but i didnt smoke or i was never around it . that same day i had another test done it came up negitive on everything. ya never know nothing is a 100% right things make mistakes so do doctors
you tested positive for methamphetamines, and almost ALL of the drugs you've mentioned contain some kind of amphetamine. did u list all of these OTC drugs before you took your test? i take adderall, which also contains an amphetamine and i have to list it every time before a drug test.
Sorry to here about your children being taken- My children were removed from me about 2 years ago because of a meth addiction. If you REALLY did not use, it probably would be ANY cold/allergy type medicine that you had been taking on a regular basis.
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