What part of female body attracts men most?

Answers:    First its the style that she carries herself, second the eyes and smile and lastly its the whole woman package (boobs, butt, legs etc)
different parts for different men dear
its different for everyone. like me, men get attracted to my whole womanly figure (boobs and butt). for others, they might get attracted just to their butts or boobs. some just get attracted for their sense of style.
The eyes
hair extensions.
The boobs I supposed!
It really depends on the man, and his culture and background.Different assets are appreciated in different parts of the world.In overall body, I would say the buttocks and the breasts.On the face definitively lips and eyes.
Nothing attracts men more than a woman's cochlea.
Truly it is the scent. It has been proven that the phermones that the body gives off is what truly attracts the opposite sex. That is the real reason why we have pubic and underarm hair.
the "girls"
You shouldn't worry about that stuff. Men should like you for your personality, not your body. And if men only talk to you if you look hot then they probably aren't worth talking to.
All men are different. For some it is face, for others it is butts or breasts.

In some cases it could be a nice leg, a delicate hand, nice hair, shapely feet, smoky eyes, a nice voice, it could even be something as simple as a walk.

A woman who has more than one of these features is generally considered "Beautiful" by all men. I thin you'll find that no one feature dominates a man's perceptions any more than you will find that all women prefer a man's muscles, jawline, height, eyes, lips, or butt.
Personally, a nice round and firm butt is for me. A nice smile is a close 2nd!
If they are real men - the brain. Mind you that secondary to that comes breasts, butt, legs, etc. But at the end of the day, the personality or brain does last.
Initially, from my own experiences, I would say the breasts. But, with that said no matter how large a woman's breasts or erect her nipples are if her teeth aren't in tip top condition I would not be attracted to her. So maybe the answer to your question should be a winning smile. Of course I have other preferences but, those are for me and whom ever choose me, I sure wish someone would choose me, LOL!
some men attract with eyes,other with voice and other with skin and so on.female body is like attractive picture .every watcher likes particular part
I think a lot of people are lying to themselves here: A guy doesn't walk across a crowded room to introduce himself to a woman because of her intellect! That's just a tad hard to see from a distance, remember.

But for me, it's the intellect that makes me stay and continue talking to her. Pam Anderson was only pretty to me until she opened her mouth in an interview I was watching. Now I wouldn't touch her with a stolen 10-foot pole. Ditto Britney Spears.

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