Why have I gone deaf in one ear?

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with hearing muffled in my left ear. After a couple of days it got worse and now I can barely hear anything out of that ear.

I cleared up for a couple of days but then came back. Every now and then it pops and I can hear again, then it goes back to being muffled.

Why is this happening? and what can I do to get rid of it?
Answers:    This is very common for me...

Deafness is when you have no more hearing in your ear at all.

You have an inner ear infection, which is usually caused by either build of wax in the inner ear, or water or shampoo from taking a shower...could possibly be what they call swimmer's ear, when water gets lodged in there.

That build up of wax and water sometimes gets pushed in far in the ear canal and can cause all kinds of ringing and muffles, swooshing, irritation etc.

You can be the cleanest person in the world, but wax is just a common thing to get in the ears, when it builds up.

They sell a product over the counter at pharmacies called Deborox which is an ear drop that loosens it all up and clears your ear out. Or make a doctors appt. if you think it is far more serious than taht and he'll probably prescribe deborox and/or an anti-biotic for infection.

Sometimes the weather causes it to act up, the popping you are hearing is the sound of air as it is trying to clear up.
I've been screaming in your ear while you've been asleep.
Get your ear syringed out.
Ya might want to get it checked for wax. You'd be suprised what can build up in there. Go to your doctor.
tsk, tsk! that should be both ears!
Sounds like ear wax build up. Go to the drug store and buy one of the earwax removal kits. It takes a couple of days sometimes to soften up so you can flush it out but they work.
You should ask this question fro a doctor, not on here. You could permanently lose hearing if you don't get a doctor.
u got a serious ear infection

c a doctor he'll prescribe for u a good medicine!

take care man

u'll be fine
you may have a congestion. go to the doctors to find out for sure.
i'd go to an Audiologist or an Ear-Nise-Throat doc to get it looked at as soon as you can
Sounds like a middle ear infection or pressure from sinus infection or drainage. Sometimes if you blow your nose too hard it forces fluid into your eustaian tube which can aggravate this. It could also be from change in altitude like from flying. I would get a doctor to check it as it may become permanent if left for a long time. They can give you antibiotics for infection or something to help the swelling and drainage.
Outer and middle ear infections usually hurt like the dickens, but inner ear infections don't usually. Middle and inner ear infections can cause you to have trouble hearing. Inner ear infections can also make you dizzy. The popping you talk about is usually from fluid in the middle ear.

It may just be wax, but your hearing is nothing to mess with. Ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss. The best thing to do is see a doctor and let him/her decide what the problem is and how to treat it.

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