What is that chemical called that can put people instantly asleep?

you know, that type of chemical that you see people in the movies put on a napkin or something then they cover it on the peoples face and they pass out.
Answers:    Chloroform
hmmm. why do you want to know?

Its Ether or chloroform
chloroform ,bit concerned why you want to know this though
chloraform (may not be spelt right)
It is called chloroform.
laughing gas
laughing gas
that is chloroform ..
It makes them lose consciousness..

I wish I had something to make me fall asleep!!
Ether or chloroform
No really, Chloroform.
I tried chlorophyll, but I just turned green!
Yep, chloroform.
number one dont believe what you see in movies. its supposed to be ether i assume, however most people cant buy that stuff anymore.
Chloroform. I think that's how you spell it. Hope so, why do you ask are you planning to use some on somebody? Let me know how long it takes, just so i know how long i have to listen to my little brother twitter on before he's a sleep. lol
The dangerous question !!

Are you sure you do not have any unethical intentions !

Its called SEDATIVES.

For more details visit the following link -

Buddy, its chlorform, an organic compound, with chemical formula CHCl(3). It was previously used to faint persons while a operation was performed on them. But nowadays, it is not used as it can be poisonous, so much so, that it can kill the person inhaling it.
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