Why does poop come out in little balls instead of a big log?

Answers:    You must be constipated a little. Usually if you go a day or two without a bowel movement it will make your poo hard, thus making it into little balls. Take some fiber, then it will come out in log form. Good luck!
either you are a rabbit, or you are constipated.. eat some fibre.
Ohhhh, contrare. it often comes out in log form. You would be needing more water and fibre in your body if all you get is little balls.
This question made me laugh! Thank you...
It's a sign of it being too hard. Also a symptom of constipation. Drink some prune juice. It'll help. And eat more fruit and vegetables.
Well, if you are any numbers of animals, it is completely normal to come out that way. Perhaps you should clarify what species you are refering to. If indeed you are talking about your own bowel movements, drink more water, eat more fiber, get more exercise and it shouldnt be a problem ever again.

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