I have some boxed baby cereal that is past the expiration date by about 2 months. Is it still good?

It hasn't been opened and the plastic is still around it. I know the expiration date is there for a reason, but does boxed baby cereal really get bad that quick?
Answers:    They don't mean as much as many people think they do. Most food is still edible after the expiration date but may not be very tasty. (Of course, lots of packaged food isn't much good before the expiration date, but that's another question).

Most people are surprised to find out that:

Stores are not legally required to remove food once the expiration date has passed. They are strictly "advisory" in nature.

Dating is not federally required, except for infant formula and baby food. States have varying laws. Most states require that milk and other perishables be sold before the expiration date.

The major codes are:

Sell by Don't buy the product after this date. This is the "expiration date."
Best if used by Flavor or quality is best by this date but the product is still edible thereafter.
Use by This is the last day that the manufacturer vouches for the product's quality.

For a list of dates please see below

Maybe ask a doctor?
yes as long as the box hasnt been opened.
If in doubt dont risk it.
the expiry date on food products are approximate .suppose the exp date is 1st january, do u think it can be used till the 31st dec and in one day it all of a suddenly becomes bad . its worth thinking.. but still it is always better not to use products after the expiry date.
by the way i am a homeopathic doctor
Don't take chances with your baby. Toss it.
I wouldn't risk it. You could try a bit, but since it is for a baby you should probably just buy another box.
its fine so long as it has not been opened
no its not good..
I wouldn't risk it, I would imagine the nutrition is gone for the most part. After all you want to give it to the most precious thing in the world a baby. Why risk giving expired food to the angel?
It may be in good condition depending if you keep it in a "dry cool place" like the informatiomn on the package read, but considering it´s your baby I will not run the risk , buy another one. If the baby gets sick it will cost more than the money you think you will save by not throwing the cereal to the garbage can:
As you mentioned on your question, the expiration date is there for something. Why gamble with a baby's health over a few bucks? Throw it away and buy a new box.
up until a few years back things didnt have expirey dates and we survived,and there wasnt so much waste in the world go ahead and use it will be fine
Perhaps it is good, but do you want to take the chance with your baby?
It doesn't matter if it says expired it's expired would you want to take a chance and possibly get your baby sick from it.Sealed or not I would just some new boxes.I just threw out peanut butter that my dad gave me that was expired July 06 only a month ago.I got 3 kids and don't want them to get sick.I once ate expired yogurt and boy that is no joke I was sick for like 2 days.
unopened and kept in a dry area i would say its okay, the exp. date is an estimate do you actually drink milk until the date on the product and then that next day it isnt safe to drink it takes time for products to go bad i think it as the expiration date is when you should use it up because it is starting very soon to becomeing bad, if opened or exposed to airborne bacteria
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