Anyone suffer from a Dowager's Hump?

I have a hump on the back of my neck. It is significant. I went to a chiropractor who said he would not treat me, until I went to the medical doctor and possibly diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. The hump is hard, I am overweight, I have a feeling it is part of the hump, too. Whenever I rub it, it is always tense and sore. What to do? I am only asking for advice from people who know about this. Serious replies only. All other replies will be thumbs down, and possibly reported as abuse. I need serious answers and I thank you.
Answers:    According to my Diabetic doctor, high blood sugar is one cause for the hump. Your body feels as though it is a good place to store excessive insulin. Your chiropractor should not deny you treatment for it. There is nothing that will be problamatic for him at all. Its usually all fatty tissue. Fibromyalgia is not something that will give you the hump either. That is a diseas that effects your nerve endings and will not give you symptoms of physical conitations that everyone else can see. The reason for the soreness is because being overweight we hold ourselfs odd sometimes, alot of people feel tension in the back of their necks, we just have something covering it there. It's normal to have pain there sometimes.
There can be a number of causes for this. If the lump is hard, then it may be vertebrae which have fused in that configuration. I don't think there is anything you can do about that. It's also a sign of insulin resistance, if the lump is just fat, but it sounds like you have some muscle involvement.

The more likely cause is muscle tension, given what you've said here. Try taking magnesium to relax the muscles in the area, then doing exercises to stretch the muscle, which is balled up there. What has helped me is to pull the top of my head up to the ceiling, while pulling my shoulders down, as if I had weights in my hands. You can also stretch the trapezius muscle by tilting your ear towards your shoulder (gently). Massage and chiropractic should also help out here.

You can also try to reverse the hump by laying on a rolled pillow with a heating pad over it. Be careful of your posture when your read, and try to carry your head over your shoulders (look in the mirror from the side). This is all a gradual process, but I managed to reverse mine several years ago.

Good Luck!!
There could be a .lot of reasons this is happening
Dowager's Hump is not on the neck. It's a condition affecting the thoracic area of your back. Dowager's Hump is a type of scoliosis; the difference is the exaggerated curvature of the spine goes anterior to posterior instead of laterally. Muscles move bones, bones do not move muscles. Dowager's Hump is caused in part by the muscles on the front of your body-abdominals, pectorals- overpowering your back muscles. That's what causes everything to collapse anteriorly and result in a hump. You need some corrective muscle therapy by either a Neuromuscular Therapist or a Rolfer to correct this problem. You also need some structured exercises to strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight muscles that have allowed this condition to develop.

FYI-Fibromyalgia has nothing to do with Dowager's Hump. Fibromyalgia has become the catch-all term for every type of muscle/soft tissue pain that doctors cannot diagnose. The same symptoms were labeled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the 1990's and Epstein-Barr in the 1980's. Most people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia are actually suffering from chronically tight muscles and an overstimulated nervous system which result in joint pain, overall body aches and extreme fatigue. All of these are treatable with proper soft tissue/muscle massage and corrective exercise. Being overweight exacerbates the problem further.

Your chiropractor is smart by refusing to manipulate your back. You are suffering from a soft tissue/muscle problem, not a bone problem. If you think you hurt now you'd be much worse if a chiro tried to force your spine into a position it can't possibly move to because your muscles have it anchored solidly where it's at. Ouch! Thank your chiropractor for doing the right thing! He/she is a true professional.
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