What do morticians do to the body?

i was wondering what the morticians/funeral directors do to the body?
besides put tons of make-up on it and that stuff.
and is it true that the body releases feces or urine upon death?
ive heard stories about bodies jumping up or babies crying before,during and after being embalmed, is this true in anyway?
im just curious
Answers:    Well, first off, we don't put tons of make-up on people unles they were bruised and/or discolored in some way and we need to disguise the discolorations. It is possible that urine and/or feces may release upon death, but not always. If the person recently went to the bathroom before they died, there may not be any release of contents. Bodies do not ever jump up, sit up or anything else. When you're dead, you're dead, no more movement. And common sense will tell you that babies do not cry at any point during the embalming process, for the simple fact that they are dead. How would it be physically possible for a baby to cry during that?
Morticians drain the body fluids, and generally empty the stomach and bowel contents. Bodies may move somewhat as rigor mortis sets in, but drastic movements are highly unlikely. After the blood and other fluids are removed, embalming fluid is introduced to help preserve the body.

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