My temperature is low, and I feel like I'm on fire! I've been sick for awhile?

I dont know what my body temp is normally. but right now its 95.5 and I've been fighting a cold since Thursday (its now Monday night) The worst was on Saturday, but I still feel dizzy and worn out. Not to mention I feel like I'm standing in a fire pit.

I have a doctor's appt Friday (I made the appt before I got sick, because I need to have my thyroid levels checked) so should I wait until then, or should i find a walk in clinic in the meantime?

I have class tomorrow, and I really dont think I should go if I feel this way. But if I'm not running a fever, and the worst is over, should I take the risk? Or should I just find a clinic tomorrow?

I normally have very low blood pressure and a fast heart rate. And I'm on anxiety and depression meds. Does this have anything to do with the low fever?
Answers:    Go to the doctor!

Sooner than later, thyriod condition can put stress on the heart, as it causes hypertension, if you already have a thyriod conditon, you should definitely go in immediately, and check your levels.
Thyriods can leave you energy very low, but the Dr. can give you medicine to bring your pressure bck to normal.
Might you be dehydrated too? I would drink a bunch of water to see if it helps a bit. I think you should take it easy until you feel better. I would call your doctor or pharmacist about any side effects of your meds though.
Since you are on other meds I would get to a doc as quick as possible with low blood pressure you may faint
You should try to reschedule before Friday. Don't go to school tomorrow. These symptoms could be side effects from your depression medications.
You are running a fever, a low grade one. See how you feel tomorrow and do what you think is best for yourself. Get plenty of fluids and get off your computer and into bed!
ur probably suffering a virus u should take medicine and go to sleep DImetaap or Motrin
you should see a doctor
98.6 is normal body temp
find a walk in clinc
dont go to class have a friend take notes for you
yes it does
i really don't know. i wish i did. i'm real sorry i cant help. if it were me i would skip class and see the dr. im sorry i cant help much but i hope u feel better!!
You don't need to find a clinic tomorrow you need to find one tonight... because what if there won't be a tomorrow.
Okay, obviously you are not using an effective thermometer because if your temp was really 95.5, you'd be considered hypothermic. To make a long story short, you just sound like a hypochondriac. Get it together, ma'am.
Do not wait for your appointment - go to the local clinic now before you get any sicker!@
Ok, some anti-depressants can cause hyporthermia, as well as hypothyroidism.

I don't know about the firepit feeling though. Are you sweaty and cold an clammy. If so you may want to seriously consider a ride to the ER.

Don't go to school tomorrow.

Good Luck
my best advice would be to go to doctor a.s.a.p you might just have the flu or something but your best to get it checked out just in case especially if you are on that sort of medication.
well i have to take pills for my thyroid but anyone ...mabey you should really stay home
Don't wait to see a doctor. A temperature is only one sign that you are ill. As far as being low, you need to know what your normal temperature is for you, my temp always is low, so normal for me.
It sounds like your body is having a hard time maintaining your temp. I would go see a doctor because of your heart issues and that you have been feeling bad since last Thursday. A virus usually runs its course within 48-72 hours and you are well beyond that. It could be the onset of an infection or the flu.
95.5 is low it should be about 97/98. You should get a lot of rest and don't go to class tomorrow. Going to the doctors as soon as you can is a good idea too.
call your nearest emergency room and talk 2 a doctor!!

not just a nurse and he'll tell you what 2 do!

take a long hot bath,that might help. your temp should be 98.6.

hope this helps
My temp is always around 96.0 Had the t3 and t4 blood test things done, etc.. Just seems to run that way for me. Said my tests are normal. I do know my head hurts when I hit 95. in the morning. If it were me, I would at least have the blood checked for Hypothyroidism.
I just take it easy, if you feel like you are getting worst i would find a walk in place. you are definitely on the low side. average is around 98 degrees. Whatever you do do not go to class if what you have is contagious.
I think you might be having a reaction to one of your meds. I would call your pharmacist to see if you symptoms match with any of your meds side effects. Also, ask what he/she thinks of your 95.5 temp. He or she can then advise you where to go next.

Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon.
I wonder if you had a urinary tract infection that didn't clear and now is affecting your digestion hm. Not that I'm a doctor but since doctors never could cure me I take a bunch of aspirin and actually got way better. I mean 2 ever 5 hours. I like bayer better. And that stuff called airborne seemed to clear my mind 2.
with a temp of 95.5 you definately need to find a clinic ASAP. warm yourself with blankets and hot water bottles, your bodies core body temp needs to be elevated so other long-term effects don't occur...
go to a clinic just to be on the safe side
I'd say find a clinic soon. .

Something similar (only the opposite) happened to my mom. .

and my dad took her to the hospital, and she had meningitis. .

thank God they caught it in time. .
Seek the doctor's advise. If feel something unusual in our body, that would be the first things to do.
Better see a doc, sounds like your on your last leg.
maybe you should lay down and relax and not think about anything and get "high" just kidding
maybe ur not feeling too bad since ur sitting up here on the computer typing this question.. idk, just rest, get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of soup and ginger ale (it's good for fevers and things like that) until you go to ur appt. at the clinic. And get off the computer! lol
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