Washcloth, soap or loofah?

What do you use in the shower? For those who just use the bar of soap...how does that get the dirt off your body?
Answers:    Washcloth, sometimes soap. Scrubbing the bar of soap gets the dirt off. When you scurb with a washcloth or loofah, you are just getting more dead cells off your skin.
As long as you scrub, you will be clan.
And soap or not, is the same.
I switch it up betweetn a loofah and just the bar of soap. mainly because loofahs and washcloths (if used too many times without washing) can get all this bacteria and stuff from it being wet all the time. so I feel like when I wash Im just putting dirt on my body instead.

But with the bar of soap, if you just rub it enough and use your hands it should get the dirt off fine... you can also get the soap with the exfoliating bubbles/bead things that work good too.
I soap up my hands and use my hands. If I wash my hands this way all the time, then I can do the same with the rest of my body. My hands still cause friction which makes the dirt go away.
Lufah is great to use a few times a week to really have cell turn over and removes the dead skin.

I honestly use a sea salt shower scrub. It's great.

I use the regular bar of soap with my bare hands and lather really good, repeat. I love the smell of Lever.
my hands or a washcloth
I use a scrunchy loofah and rinse it after. Change it every month or so.
Soap. It works the same way as when you wash your hands. How does that get the germs off your hands?
The loofah gets rid of old dry skin and refreshes the skin
The soap breaks down the oils and the water in the shower washes them and the dirt away. I only use a washcloth on my face, and change it every day.

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