What are some ways to get rid of cut marks?

What are some ways to get rid of cut marks?
Answers:    Vitamin E is also available in a liquid form (I think the capsules tend to smell funky.) Try Wal-Mart or Ulta. There are some brands of Vitamin E that are thicker than others and may work better. Don't just dab it on, though; spend about one-two minutes working the E in gently across the line of the scar. The scar probably won't go away completely but it may become less noticeable in time.
You can't. Scars are permanent, although they do fade over time. You can cover them up with make up though, or incorporate them into a tattoo.
coco butter
you have scared your skin, not to bust your bubble but there is nothing to do but wear long sleeves
There are some OTC scar creams you can buy..try your local drug store. You might be able to get them lasered off, but that's expensive. If you know or have a dermatologist, ask them. If it's a personal issue, just ask a general question about how to get rid of scars. Best of luck.
vitamin e...gel..no gel..buy the pill and cut it open for the gel...it aint a miracle worker.but it makes a difference.

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