What is and how is a normal bowel movement suppose to look and be?

For the past several months I have been having very loose and yellowish/brown looking bowel movements. I have quit smoking and drinking excessive alcohol within these several months, could this be why?
Answers:    A normal BM should look the same all the time. It depends on what you eat. CHanges in the usual need to be investigated by a doctor.
wow disgusting but hey lol, good stools should be kinda hardidsh not too hard and brownish/green in color
Mines never consistent, ever ever ever--it it dosent have blood in it, i dont worry about it.
Yep. Alcohol will basically give you chronic diaharrea(sp?). You mention giving up excessive alcohol, why don't you ditch it all together...it will take a bit for your system to come back to normal, but soon you will have normal brown ones.
If your diet is balanced, a bowel movement should be a medium shade of brown, consistent, and stinky. It also should not hurt when you have a bowel movement.
About the same day each day...kind of what u see a dog poo do. Loose stools is usually high in bacteria and not to ignore, esp. if it last 2 or more days! If u have the shits and only one or more sessions...u had some bacteria in Ur system that Ur body is get tin rid of...not too worry.

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