What would happen if someone drove a car over someone's foot?

Answers:    If they drove the car over an overpass with the person underneath the overpass, nothing would happen.

Seriously, I have to wonder why you are asking the question and I hope it's a class question or just curiosity and not something you want to try if you get an answer that says it's safe to do.

Depending on the size of the car it probably weighs between 1500 and 2500 lbs. with most of that being the engine and transmission, and approximately 1/2 of the engine weight is going to be passing over the foot upon impact. Plus both the front and back tire might go over the foot increasing the risk of injury. Safety shoes might offer better protection but they it depends on the weight of the vehicle and its speed.

Plus if the foot belonged to a young person the injury would most likely be less if it were and old person.

None the possibilities are worth the risk of trying it intentionally.
The foot would most likely break.
I saw one man, and he had nothing

only hurts

maybe on other persons the middle foot bone breaks
The person may get really really pissed off and dent the car.
What do you think will happen, it is possible to break that person's les or not. It depends on the extent and how the car drovbe or how far.
the cars tyre will not pop.
Would depend on what the person was wearing on their feet.I saw someone wearing a pair of army boots get his foot run over, didn't hard his foot. But I would imagine someone wearing flip flops would know about it.
The foot would be crushed, followed by one very expensive lawsuit.
Extreme pain.mostly.
the foot will crush. Dont try it out!
depends on the velocity of the car.If its fast a person will feel less pain cause the inertia doesn't effect much.If the cars slow then the foot will most probably break
Depends, sometimes just some hurt for a while, but then could do some real damage.
My dad ran over my foot when I was 12 years old. Not my dad's fault, just me watching too much movies.. It does not feel anything as at when. Later after 5 seconds, u will feel like needles poking all over your foot. Did not really hurt, but you will feel not comfortable for few weeks..Please don't try it.
I can only imagine that a foot will be broken.
might fracture
It depends. A fellow I know was wearing leather upper clogs and his foot was sideways when a heavy truck drove over it. There was no injury.
Another fellow had his foot run over by a car and he had comminuted fractures of the foot. He didn't have boots on and the car went over the top of the foot.
they would kick you in the nuts with the other foot
You could break the foot, it not it would hurt like hell
Pray real hard this person does not live under the rule "an eye for an eye" or in your case a "foot for a foot"!
fact, my husband drove his truck over my foot and it didn't break,it just depends on type Of shoe and where the actual tire went on the foot.
it would hurt like hell especially if you peeled out :)
This actually did happen to my son when he was eight years old.
I was having a breakdown,and he just reached up and touched my face and said dont cry moma it doesnt hurt.Then the person had to roll backwards over them to get off. Christopher was fine. not even a bruise. For real!
Wow depends on what someone is wearing on his or her foot and how fast a car was speeding 10 or 20 miles per hour. well, you never know? when will you want to try I urge you take a test with a Dumbo then it is more safe so no one sue your A**
Badly bruised,maybe a broken bone!
man, that would hurt. the foot would probably crush and break
1. Size of car
2. How long tire stays upon the foot
3. Shoes on or shoes off
4. What your foot is on (sand grass, asphalt
there are all kinds of variables
I know of a young woman who lost her foot that way. Probably everything in her foot was too crushed to ever heal. So the range of bad things that can happen is pain to losing your foot.
You would probably break the bones in the foot.
I did it once and the person was mad but no apparent injury.
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