Is 99.6 considered as a fever?

im 14 if that makes a difference...
Answers:    It's a lowgrade/mild fever.
no.if it is over 100 then it is a fever
It depends. Not everyone has a 98.6 normal. My normal temp is 97, so 99.6 would be a fever for me. But my brother has a normal of 99.8, so 99.6 wouldn't be an issue.
Do you feel bad? Were you in bed? Was it at night? Was it right after a shower/bath?
I agree with Countess, it is a fever, although a mild one. Any fever is a sign something isn't right though, so just keep track of it and if it doesn't go away on it's own or increases, consider seeing a doctor.
not really. A temperature is considered a fever if it is outside of 95.0 to 101.0; if a temperature is below 95.0 the infection is in the blood, if it is over 101.0 the infection is either respiratory (viral) or bacterial. The normal body temperature is really 96 to 100, they took the average of this and say that normal is around 98.6. Now, if your normal temperature is 96, and it is now 99.6- then you do have a low grade fever. If your temperature goes above 101.0 call your DR.

Drink plenty of fluids. You can get fluids in a number of ways, you can drink water or juice, drink or eat soups/ jello/ or eat popcicles.Get plenty of rest, let your body rest, sleep and take it easy.
Yes its considered a low grade or mild fever by doctors/nurses. when its above 102 then you really should see a doctor.

Just drink plenty of liquids get lots of rest and youll be over that cold in no time.
yes it is but its a low grade fever. Especially in younger children that is a fever.
99.6 is considered a low grade fever. (The normal is 98.6) Take some Tylenol and get some rest. You probably have a cold or the flu. Drink lots of fluids, eat ice and popsicles. That will help to keep your temperature down. If for some reason your temperature keeps rising or it won't stay down, go to the hospital.
99.6 is considered a low-grade fever. usually 98.6 to 98.8 is normal. So, you do have a little. You may have an infection or just a cold. either way if your temp. spikes have your mom take you to see the doctor. Get well soon.

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