About how much does a doctor's visit cost in the states?

does it vary by state or by doctor?
Answers:    It costs me $15 a visit (co-pay). Individual doctors set their own rates, but the national average office visit without insurance is $60. http://www.bcbstx.com/employer/hccc/topi...
about 100.00 dollars or more...it will vary..
It all depends on the type of insurance. Without insurance I think it depends on the doctor but I'm not really sure. If you have really good insurance it can cost little to nothing for a simple visit.
In any state that I have ever had to see a doctor without health insurance, it has been 50 dollars just to see the doctor and any blood test or x-rays are all a separate cost. Health visits are expensive in the states!
depends on the Dr, the state, the city and whats wrong with you.(how many tests the Dr has to do...meds, etc) Don't have Ins. ? Then you're in for a shock...most places will not see you unless you have $300. or more in CASH in HAND. (not that they want it all, they just want to know you have it...)
I live in southeast Michigan and my doctor charges $115.00 for an office call. My hubby and I are lucky, our insurance pays for part of our office calls, we just have to pay the co-pay.
It varies by the location, the doctor and the type of visit. The doctors' office I work in has a lower limit of $125 for work physicals and that sort of thing to over 300 for a long consultation with the surgeon. More if he actually does a procedure There can be discounts for payment at time of service or for followup appointments.
It depends on the type of Doctor you see, what the problem is, if you have insurance, if you have to have test, or anything else. I am sure it varies by state as well.
For a wellness check up here in Saint Louis Mo, my visit is $89.00
Texas - Without insurance was 154.00. With my insurance 25.00
my clinic charges 98 dollars to 150 just to see the doctor and it depends on the doctors title by what u are charged any procedures or tests are extra and blood work is very expensive
It depends on the area and what type of doctor you are seeing. If you are seeing a specialist, they are considerably more expensive.
The first office visit is usually higher because they have to get a history and usually do a small physical. Normally about 125.00 and up.
The other appointments can range, depending on what you are seen for and if they do any procedures or give medication, from 45.00 on up.
If you have insurance these prices can be less.
A lot of physicians will give you a discount if you pay the day you are there and they don't have to bill insurance. Billing insurance and the paperwork associated with it costs the physician approximately 18.00. If they see 20-40 patients a day, and bill all insurances, the cost to him can be considerably high. Also, most insurances only pay a percentage of what the doctor's normal fees are so he is actually giving them a discount, so why not a cash paying patient.

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