Do you guys feel dizzy after a cigarette?

I am a starter and i feel quite dizzy after a cigarette is this normal? I bought a pack and just gonna finish it and nevr buy it again...
Answers:    Well i dont smoke but my husband does. He feels dizzy when he smokes the first one in the morning and after a plane flight if he hasnt had one in a while. Supposed to give you a good relaxing feeling. You dont have to finish the pack if you are not liking the feeling. It will go away but its pointless to keep on smoking.
sumtimes i even throw up
Losers smoke cigarettes, so I wouldn't know. Do yourself a favor and quit before it becomes a habit.
When you first start yes
why are you starting?!?! do you want to shorten your life? STOP NOW!
o yah tobbacco high...its great after a while u stop getting it
keep it up and youll feel dead
Quite often, but then again I dont smoke "shop bought"
Yes, if I smoke too fast and please do quit. It is a terrible habit and will kill you.
When I used to smoke, I sometimes would feel dizzy. I guess that's part of the reason I quit.
After I stopped smoking, I had just one more, and I felt dizzy and nauseous. Yuk! No more, that was almost a year ago. Do yourself a favor and don't even start.
smartest move you could ever make..worst habit to ever start
Most people just feel stupid after a cigarette
The first and only cigarette I ever smoked not only made me dizzy, it made me sick. Stop now, before you get addicted. This is one habit you will regret starting.
what type are you smoking?

no it's not normal you check with a's confidential
Yep, totally normal, it is all that nicotine giving you a buzz. Don't start smoking though, it is tough to quit!
OK.HOW old are you..and..this will happen when you first start but i don't think you should smoke because this could be the start of the end of you life..just trust me and stop because my moms best friend died from cigs and it just hurts us SO bad.
lack of oxygen compounded by an increase in carbon monoxide.

why finish it?
my friend does b/c she doesn't smoke alot but i dont however when i stop for a long time i sometimes get that feeling...well your best bet is to stop b/c u can't benefit from it...
Dizziness is normal. My friend smokes and she was dizzy until like her 3rd pack.
Personally, i don't think the suffer is worth it. Quiting would benefit you.
Good idea. Why would anybody in this day begin smoking in light of all the negative consequences that we now know of? Not to mention what it makes one smell like and look like. Oh, and that dizziness you felt was the lack of oxygen to the brain, think about how good of an idea that sounds like. Follow your plan, never buy them again, in fact, why even finish the pack you have, toss it.
yes what a great feeling the smoke went to your brain telling your to quit while your ahead.thats what causing it.
Okay DO NOT START SMOKING!! Why did you even buy the pack? Stop now, trust me, or you will regret it!

And yes, you do get dizzy and light-headed when you start, but then you don't and it becomes a habit that interferes with your everyday life causing your loved ones to roll their eyes everytime you must leave them for a "cigerrate break", shortening your life, and giving you disgusting, yellow teeth that will make you less attractive to women everywhere!
Its the nicotine that makes you dizzy. Im telling you now that if your not already addicted, dont start. I was for 4 years and quit, you feel better and save money. Why start such a bad habbit?
haha that sucks dude. you shouldnt start. i hate it. im gonna quit over sping break with my girlfriends help. the fist one will buzz you but dont smoke the hole pack or your fucked. after u get used to it you want buzz and you will be like why did i even start.
Smoking is a bad habit :( Do yourself a favor don't smoke
why dont yuou just stop now while ur ahead smoking is stupid and if you dont you wont have the dizzyness problems./
Why would you finish it? Hahaisdauhiahahaha. That makes no sense to me.
When I was 15 I tried to smoke,, and got that "buzz high".. and then as the room was spinning.. I turned very green and then threw up..

ended my plans on tobacco..

I have heard it said that if you get through the first pack.. other than being hooked. and a very expensive and unhealthy habit... it is supposed to get better.. not quite sure what "better means."

I am a medical professional... and have provided care for those who have smoked all of their life... and now at the end of life.. which was shortened from smoking... it is hard to see them suffer from not being able to breath...

in fact watch them suffocate.

don't take your breathing for granted... breathing actually requires a lot of work... the whole concept of air in,, and out.. and the gas exchange at the alveolar level etc.. is a task that requires a lot of physical strength..
It is sad to see someone get short of breath just trying to breath...

and there is nothing we can really do to help you.. except to give you medication... narcotics.. to help you pass more peacefully.

I have lost four family members to lung cancer... all smokers...
do yourself a favor and don't finish the pack.

the money wasted now.. will save you millions later,, both in dollars and more importantly heartache...

and sadness.

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