How come when you yawn, and stretch you cant hear?

stretch as in you stretch both arms as far as you can go above your head. what gives?
Answers:    Theres a passageway from the back of your throat to the middle ear called the eustacian tube. When you yawn or stretch, you increase muscle tone which will force some air through this passage way to the ear and trap it inside. Now that the pressure of the air inside the ear is greater than that outside (like when your ears "pop" when you drive up a tall mountain), and it's harder for sound waves to vibrate the tympanic membrane (eardrum) causing your hearing to be dimished. Once your muscles relax the pressure inside the air equalizes after the yawn and you can hear again since the pressure gradient is back to normal!
I cant hear when I just yawn. I dont have to stretch too. When you yawn your ears get plugged up while the rest of your throat opens up to take in air.

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