I hear that if you sneeze 7 times, you will have an orgasm?

Has anyone sneezed 7 times and then had that happened to them? I can get up to about 5...but never 7
Answers:    not true becuase snezing is a reflex of your diafram when your throaht and your nose is drity (for a lack of better words)
ha well i sneeze alot, never happened to me

i doubt thats true
ummm no that isn't true...sorry
Um...no...that's a myth...cuz I have sneezed more than 7 times in a row once and I know a lot of people who have too and they haven't had an orgasm
somebody is fooling you girl
for me it only takes three
What a crap... never! It's a myth, lady.
What you heard is an old wives tale... not based on fact. Take care.
Wow!! If that's the truth then I'm famous. I sneeze anywhere from 9 - 11 times each and every time I sneeze. I thought it was only me that sneezed that many times. I don't have an orgasm then, Gee, I don't have an orgasm when alone anyways. So, if you do when you sneeze you are probably imagining it or very sensitive.

Don't sneeze into a pregnancy...
Wow, and all I get is a runny nose. hmmmm.
I wish, I've sneezed at least 20 times and didn't even get an erection.
Wishful thinking.
Maybe it was the other way around.if you have seven orgasms you will sneeze.
Wow, how much easier life would be if it were true.
if this was true I wish 7 sneezes upon everyone in the world i bet everyone would have a smile on there face
a lady went to the dr with this problem,he asked "oh,really,,,,,,,,,,what do you take for it?reply="pepper."
i have allergies so i sneeze a lot and i didn't even get an erection. so i guess its a myth
It might work if you're also masturbating at the time
I severely doubt it works, it's an urban legend in the making, but it sounds terribly funny.
I don't think so. But I never really sneeze 7 times in a row to find out myself. A sneeze feels good, but it's not as good as an orgasm that's for sure :)
Hmmmm...I can sneese more times.. when I drink some more.But orgasm-never!As it's would like me!

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