What happens if you wear only one contact in one eye?

Does the other eye get worse or damaged or what?
Answers:    It can.

I have personally does this many a time when one contact lens was ripped and unusable. It takes a bit of getting used too, and I don't recommend doing it for months on end. But if you do it occasionally you probably won't notice if it does make one eye get worse over the other.
you die
You loose three dimensional vision, and strain the eye with the contact by causing it to work twice as hard as it's used to.
u'll be unbalanced and fall on ur face.
The other eye will naturally try to focus, but it is not a good idea to drive.
not a good idea
u burn
Your brain would adjust to use the eye with the contact as the dominant eye. The other could get lazy after prolonged neglect.
The brain knows to stop using the weak, or in this case uncorrected eye. In a young child this would be dangerous because the eye not being used would quit working completely but I think for an adult it is safe and your vision will still be good.
You'll see cockeyed.lol But, I don't think it will damage the eye to go without one.
you can only see out of one eye and you get a bad head ache
ued only see thou 1 eye and after a about 9-12 months uer other eye whould die and ued have to get it removed and it'll hurt like a *****
"I,ve wore glasses since i was three; "And only "one
"or' two things.
Migraines {" From excessive eyestrain"} And "or" Loss of
balance "or" nausea "Simply because your eyes are trying to react to approaching stimuli "and" they cannot.

"I would suggest you see a Optomologist as soon as
I only know that my friend is a nurse & she wears one lens for nearsightedness in one eye & one for farsightness in the other eye. Works for her! She says the other eye could be damaged.
It would put a strain on the other eye You would need one in both eyes.

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