Do you wash your butt with soap and water after shitting.?

Answers:    I'm actually pooping right now, while on my laptop.

It's better to wash it, but it's not necessary every time.
no no yes maybe sometime
No way dude.what if it itch or burn..
you have nothing else to talk or ask about
Only if I accidently chit myself
no need to IF U use 1/2 roll of toliet tissue - huh? - actually i purchased some Baby Wipes; i think they smell like Alcohol; i've used them up quickly, too; l o l. but u have a good idea!
i always do.whats wrong with that?
no i use my childrens toilet wipes though much fresher feeling than toilet paper. Do you really need to be this crude though?
Not usually.
What a question! But, (pardon the pun), if your having a stinky booty problem between wipings, I would suggest some baby wipes instead of TP.
Yes i do. all the time. But what I use is liquid soap as it is a bit mild compared to bar soaps.
no, but it is a good idea. but, i do wash my hands, each and every time, i pee or take a dump.
wiping it with tissue is not enough..washing it with water and soap is the right thing to do.By doing that you are 100% sure that its free of dirt (****)
If I'm home, which I usually am when I do that.
Do you wash your mouth with soap and water after talkin' like that, cos it sounds like you're talkin' out yer ***.
I don't wash my butt with soap every single time after I poop, but sometimes i do rub a little soap and water on it if i am at home and then wipe it again until it's mostly dry.

I don't think it's necessary to wash ur butt like that every time, but I definitely rub a lot of soap in my butt when i am showering to make sure it's extra clean. I usually just push a bar of soap inside about a quarter of the way and then rub my butt hole with my fingers or a sponge for a few minutes. Most people probly don't think they have to do that much but i think it's good to be clean and that area can get dirty! A lot of guys would think that's gay but girls like a clean butt for sure.

It also depends on the poop. Sometimes you can poop and it seems very clean. Other times you feel like you should definitely soap it up. I would say if it smells, put some soap in there. If not, just give it a really good wipe until you shower.
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