What home remedies do you know to get rid of sickness such as the comon flu?

I have had a cold for 2 days and am tired of sneezing and always feeling hot. I took a ice cold shower but that didnt help, I made steamed rice to inhale the aroma but that didnt help, i used vicks rub but that did nothing and im getting ready to call it quits. Any home remedies like a certaine type of soup or something? Ill do anything. Ill do the cough syrup, a home remedie, anything.
Answers:    Put the rinds of 1 lemon,
1 grapefruit, 1 orange,
some sugar about 1/2 a cup,
add 2 cups water...bring to a
boil. Turn off heat add some
cinnamon...Drink it warm like
a tea. It will sweat the cold out of you.
JUSTIN you just have to let the cold takes its course.
Colds are caused by a virus and they do not respond to antibiotics.
THE FLU is a virus and the best thing you can to is to sweat it out. YOu will be fine in a few days time.
Hello, I know a sure way to end your fever. This is no joke. Cut an onion in half and then peel it. Put on a pair of socks and place the 2 pieces of cut onion inside the socks up against the heel of your foot. If you sleep like this for a night you will wake up feeling much better in the morning. The onions draw the fever from your body. In some cases of very high fever the onion turns black when it fills with the fever. Hope this helps. This is not a joke.
I am sorry to see you sick.. Sounds like your doing everything just right.
Try some chicken soup and some vitamin C.
and plenty of rest.
I really like the new Tylenol Severe cold and flu with pseudafed in it. I know I spelled that wrong. The spell check didn't fix it either LOL.
visit www.divyayoga.com .learn "kapal bhathi prananyam" by swami ramdevji maharaj.i ve personnaly solved my flu like this.

or watch ASTHA T.V at 6.30am or 8.00pm (ind Std Time)

or eat only sour fruits only for one day or two day .3 times aday
this will do .
remember let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food.your food is the remedy for all illness.dont suppress the disease wit hany harm ful pills .this will put you in further trouble

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