Stinky white balls that come from behind the tonsils?

what are those things, and what are they called. is it some kind of bacteria,dried saliva, what the heck is it?
Answers:    They are called tonsil stones. Here's a link for more info.
i've seen white stuff on tonsils and it was strep throat
I think it's a infection.. you need to get on a antibotic..
Strepp throat. Go see the doc.
yup they're grody! I think they are puss that gets infected inthe tonsils. I had one yesterday. Ech!
Yeah! I hate those things! I always have to dry heave to get them out...

Here's a really good article on them...
eww, i know what you're talking about and i've always wondered this! i don't have an answer...but i am going to check back on this to see if anyone tells us hahah
Remnants of infection that have worked their way out of the tonsils.
Im gonna go with strep throat. Eeew

ok after reading some of the answers I know what youre talking about those little chunks that come up and you spit them out and they are disgusting!

LOL, I thought I was the only one that had those!
mucus! even though what ever you are thinking of is really gross!
They are called TONSILOLITHS. They're made of dead bacteria and skin cells. They are a major cause of bad breath.

See this website for a thorough explanation of what causes them and how to get rid of them:
i heard it has something to do with your calcium deposits.
i brush my tounge every day, keeps out bateria, try that. with just plain tooth paste and a tooth brush.
it is food and such that gets stuck in the pits of the tonsils. It starts to rot and decay. Then stinck like crazy. I can't remember what they are called though. A Waterpic can help with them.
It means that your tonsils are inflammed. If you have the money, it is time for an operation to get them out. They affect your immune system. I got mine out not too long ago; after that, I haven't been sick, and I've eaten more, and I've been more energetic.
They are called the tonsil stones.
I used to get that when I was a kid..thought something was wrong with me. My mom told me it was calcium buildup from drinking milk. As a grown up I don't drink much milk anymore and haven't had the problem. So it kind of makes sense.
Never heard of that symptom before. We are not the ones you should be asking, though. You should have been sitting in your doctor's office from Day One when the "swb's" were noticed. How do they feel? When do you notice them? What do you do when you find one in your mouth? How big are they? You must keep us posted on this mystery of your mouth..
Dried spit would be my guess.

I used to have big tonsils that got infected all the time- they had big pockets where food would get stuck and I was getting white crap off of them all the time. I finally had them out.

Nothing to be alarmed about I wouldn't think. Just scrape them clean and brush well.

Happy tonsil diving.
They are actually coming from the holes in your tonsils. They are called Tonsil Stones or Tonsiliths. Lots of people have them. Bacteria cause them. I've never been to a doc who could/would help me with them. I dig them out, but it hurts. I, also, gargle with a bacteria killing mouthwash. Antibiotics do not help with this. It is not an infection. I've found the bacteria in bread and milk make mine worse, so sometimes I just avoid those foods. It doesn't have anything to do with calcium.
you may be talking about the food that collects, compacts and rots, in little pockets of the tonsils.
are the any black balls?
I had to have my tonsils removed because of this embarrassing problem a few years ago.

They were actually rottening and causing these hollow divot things in the back of my throat where "decay" would collect and gave me cronic halitosis.

I would get in there ang dig them out sometimes and WOW, they're even stinkier if you can get them out!

I know, I know, gross right?

But since my tonsilectomy.. I've had no more problems!
I would suggest seeing an ear, nose, & throat specialist!
you have like holes or open parts in your tonsils and when you eat its food and bacteria and once it builds up it comes out of the hole. and it smells! If you open your mouth big enough some times you can see them and dig them out.. Its hard to explain but i know what your talking about..
it is bacteria and mucus that settles into the crypts of your tonsils. Almost everyone gets them some people more severe then others.

I get them constantly and they are nasty and they have the consistancy of wet pasta.
You are probably experiencing dried mucus in the crypts of your tonsils. They can cause bad breath, and sometimes tonsillar irritation. Sometimes they can be dissolved or dislodged with gargling, sometimes not. Try gargling a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in an ounce of warm water.

Other responders have alluded to the exudate seen on tonsils from strep infections, mono, or diphtheria (which is quite uncommon these days.) Usually you have other symptoms - fever, sore throat, swollen glands - with those. If in doubt, see your doctor.

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