How to get rid of the bad smell coming from down below ( BUTT?

even if u clean urself right after each bowl movment the smell is still there . any idea how to get rid of it ?
Answers:    have to wipe properly and shower daily there shouldn't be a smell otherwise have to use good hygiene
if you are truly cleaning yourself the odor shouldnt be there...however get a bidet and attach it to your toilet.
You can try using soap repeatedly.
If you are near a bidet, then use it. If not try using baby wipes.
you should ask ur doctor but wiping my *** always works for me!
Grab a bottle of axe or cologne or purfume and spray away after each movement of bowlness, it helps alot. Also, try to shower every day if your going thru puberty and sweat alot, scrub those cheeks while your in there, b shure to check in between cheeks and crotchital area for excess feces.
When you take a shower be sure to wash yourself thoroughly with soap and water. Get into every crevice and rinse the soap off afterwords. If this doesn't get rid of the odor, see a doctor about it. It could be something else besides plain old body odor.
Powder zeolite-clinoptilolite 14g every day for about 4 weeks.Also some concentrated polysaccharides do miracles . It is obvious that You have some very smelly stool.
Well, do you have a butt dimple? If so, the smell is almost impossible to get to go away.

Im guessing you most likely dont though because they are very rare. Me and my mom both have them and it really sucks because your butt continuously bleeds where the bone cuts through.

For people that dont know, butt dimples are somewhat kinda like what that dude has in the movie Shallow Hal. He doesnt have a dimple, his is an extended tailbone so he actually has a "tail". Its similar though.
Yep, good hygiene

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