Around 3 small RED FLAKES in STOOL, are these BLOOD SPOTS?

I have been noticeing them for a week and there there every now and then my diet is always the same, if not blood spots what could they be?
Answers:    They are most probably pieces of food. Peppers and/or tomatoes can easily cause it. If there is blood in your stool, that is red, you should also see blood when you wipe.
crushed red peppers?
tomatoe skins will do this.
Maybe it's a vegetable or a fruit. If you're still worried, why don't you go to the doctor if this persists for another week or two.
try to get them out, and cut them open, they could be insect eggs. and if they are go see a doctor you might have insects living inside you
honey.. i have a question for you. WHAT ON EARTH POSSESSED YOU TO LOOK AT YOUR "STOOL" IN THE FIRST PLACE? you should go see a doc. maybe you have piles. its not dangerous if caught early enough and can be cured quite easily.
You should see a doctor. Just for the record: Usually the only time you should worry about blood in your stool is when your stool (all of it) is black.
No blood should be seen in the stool.
I DON'T like to play doctor,and I suggest
you call your doctor ASAP to check
your stool and to make sure that everything is alright,because sometimes undigested
food,like tomato or red pepper's skins can
show in the stool..You need medical ATTENTION..!

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