Why do some people refuse to bathe? Can't they smell themselves?

Answers:    I've heard that actualy they want you to smell them. It's like something that manifests from trauma in their life.
actually they can not, they are so use to the smell that it becomes white noise and doesn't bother them.
I cant afford water
I spend all my money on beer
Some cultures have different bathing rituals than ours. Some people have persperation problems that are not easy to control.
Some people are slobs.
I think they're just doing it to be mean to other people who have to smell them.
they are so close you would think so but some just don't care and are lazy
I'd like to think they don't smell themselves just because I'd like to think that they are aware of their body and whatever smells may be coming out of it. But if I'm honest with myself, I think there will always be those people out there who claim to never had heard of deoderant and spray their clothes with Febreeze rather than washing them. Ew.
cause they are possibly scared of water,or they just like to be scurvey
i don't know, you tell us?
how grosse!
They may have mental illness or are trying to conserve water or don't have a place to shower or clean clothes to change in to..
Some of them has to do with their culture, other people are just nasty and they don't like to take showers.
why, i don't know maybe they are trying to get into the Guinness book of world records

and no they can't smell themselves because their nose is used to it

just try staying in a room that stinks you'll be like OMG & blah blah blah then within a few minutes u won't smell a thing
hey I know what you mean I am a nurse and when you say shower or bath you get dogs abuse and that's from the elderly lol
Some people have an actual medical condition that causes bad body odor. Try not to judge everyone when you know nothing about them. They can't help it!
Maybe they are afraid of soap - or related to the wicked witch of the west (help me, i'm melllltttiiinngggg!!.) lol
Actually some cultures use certain scented oils to bath and it makes them smell worse than normal BO ?!
They probably develop a tolerance for the smell. Like people who say they're excellent housekeepers, but their houses are filthy. Just different standards of "clean" from one person to the other. Of course, there are people who strangely smell really nice even though they haven't bathed in a day or so. I know two people like that.I which one of them was me!
Yes. But some people are not brought up with any common sense, morals or respect for themselves.
i cannot as i have a persistent thrush
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