Can gallstones cause chest pain?

or only stomach and back pain?
Answers:    yes. my wife had them they do cause pain in the upper body. chest, tummy, back.
Gallstones are known to radiate (refer) pain to the shoulders. I assume they are capable of refering pain elsewhere as well.
chest pain can come from a variety of reasons.
if you are experiencing chest pain.. please go to the emergency room.
gallstones will cause severe pain...
a feeling of heaviness in your chest different..
that can be an emergency.
please see a doctor..
and if you are experiencing heaviness in your chest and difficulty breathing..get to a hospital
take care.
I had gallstones and yes the pain radiated to my chest. The pain was right below my breast bone and it seemed to radiate out from there. It is excruciating pain. The first time I had a "gallbladder attack" I thought I was dying...seriously. If you feel a heaviness on your chest...that is different and could possibly be a heart attack. Either way, you'll want to get this pain checked out. Gallstones don't go away and the "attacks" will just get progressively worse and more frequent. The best treatment is surgical removal of the gallbladder. Gallstones can also lead to more serious illnesses like don't let it go. Good luck!

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