Can a cracked or broken tooth cause headaches?

cause i went to the hospital today and they did a cat scan and said it was fine ?? but i've had this headache for bout 3 weeks only on one side and my neck also hurts on the same side now and a few days ago my ear started hurting so the the doc a said it was my tooth and ear causing the pain in my head ? anyone got anything??
Answers:    YES to the tooth causing a head ache.

But you said you have pain in your neck as well and ear, could be an infection, could also be something else. If this continues, go see a good ENT.

I was told for years that the pain in my neck was nothing, all in my head, that the pain in my ear on that same side was nothing. CT's showed nothing. I got to where I could not turn my neck to the right side or tip it back. I finally got an ENT who'd helped me in the past, to agree to see me. I had to go 600 milres to see him. He could see I could not move my neck and knew I'd not fake. He said he wasn't sure why it wasn't showing up on an MRI or CT, but he agreed to do exploritory, said he had to be one of three things. He did the surgery, soon as he made the cut in the back of my throat, where I also had pain, a bone popped out and cut his finger, it was one of the three things he felt it might be. It's called Eagle Syndrome and no one is sure of hte cause, though most people with it have a history of a head injury or injury to the side or back of their head and neck on that side.

The Styloid process which is two tiny bones and the ligaments, are hte cause. The bone on the side of the problem begins to grow again and get's longer and as it does it gets sharper and sharpte and more painful as it cuts it's way down from near the base of hte skull. Mine had grown so long the bone kept me from turning my head to the right. I also had for over eight years heard my own pulse so loudly on that same side, it was making me crazy. I woke up from surgery and could move my neck and the pulsing that they'd said was nothing was gone.

So don't let anyone say it's nothing if you really feel it is. Go to an ENT, which is a ear, nose and throat doctor. Give a good medical history, any injuries to your neck and head. History of any infections in those areas. Any pain and what makes it worse and anything that makes it better.

Ruling out a dental problem is wise and a good dentist should be able to do that with an exam and X-rays of that side of your mouth.

If you can afford a Chiropractor, if you have a pinched nerve in your neck, it can also cause all the problems you are saying you are having.

Good Luck, I just hate when doctors can't admit they don't know what's wrong and help the person find the cause and resolve the issue.
oh hunny, yes for sure it can.. teeth infections cause tremendous amount of pain all over the body.. the infection from the tooth is obviously swallowed into the stomach, and can, in turn, spread all over your body causing headaches, bodyaches... pretty much makes u feel like cra@p. Go get your tooth pulled out!! It will make you feel better!!
Simple answer, yes. It might be a cracked filling, or simply that you're grinding your teeth. I had the same thing happen to me, and it was killing me. I would go to the dentist and have them look at it. Your regular doctor won't really be able to help.
You would be surprised all of the different problems that cause pain. Your answer is "yes." I sure caused my mother pain and there was no help for her.
That could be the cause. If there is an infection or the nerve is exposed, it would cause lots of problems.

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