How does smoking increase body temperature?

I am preparing my assignment in which i am describing a person who smokes can it affect his body temperature in any way?
Answers:    it doesn't raise body temp
it in fact lowers the body temperature and the ability of the body to recover from states of lower temperature.
for example they did a test using a thermal camera with a smoker and a non-smoker
the smoker has a cigarette and sticks his hand in ice cold water
you see the hand turn blue on the thermal camera
at the same time the guy that doesn't smoke sticks his hand in ice water of the same temperature and we see the same results
when they both remove their hands, however, the non-smoker's hand almost instantly starts changing color to signify the increase in temperature while the smoker's hand stays blue and purple(the two coldest colors) long after the non-smoker's hand has returned to red and orange
I believe it lowers body temperature. I used to smoke and I was ALWAYS cold, especially my hands and feet. Ever since I quit smoking, I haven't noticed it as much.
sorry never tried so don't know, if u find out please tell me

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