Why do women have armpit hair?

I mean i know that body hair is there to keep the body warm but as we have evolved and women have lost hair on their chests and face why do we still have it under our arms?

I mean we don't have it on our shoulders...

It makes no sense. I was pondering this last night in bed. Surely our armpits are warm enough without the hair.

Does anybody know?
Answers:    It ain't about the heat, honey. It's about the stink.

People stink. And theres a lot of different 'kinds' of stink. Most of all, theres the 'oo lah lah' kind of stink. You know the sensation. When someone just has that type of body order that makes your inner primate go 'Whoohoo!' with lust?

Thats where our armpit and pubic hair come in. While its true they do provide some warmth, the leading evolutionary theory toward this specific growth of body hair has to do with our personal smells.

Our sweat and those billion of skin cells we drop all have chemical triggers, which catch onto our hair follicles. This helps keep some of our more pheromone-producing areas (our loins and major sweat glands in the armpits), keeping their sexual attraction juices staying on the body.

Since being sexually attractive is a big survival and genetic propagation bonus, the hair remains today, even though we're no longer quite as 'nose' addicted as our animal ancestors.

Of course, with our modern tools and chemicals and the common views of such hair in Western societies? You're right to say that we're a bit outdated in having it. They aren't great for warmth, but they are great for keeping in those smells...but will society and technological advances kill the need for female armpit hair?

We'll have to wait and see.
yeah is to attract men ha ha lol
Why do we still have leg hair too?! Shaving both is such a pain. I guess we haven't evolved enough yet. At least we don't get back hair when we get older, like men!! And did you know that when women get older(50's or 60's) the armpit hair goes away. Something to look forward to!
it seems like an unnecessary thing. maybe u can move to france and let it grow
yes we have hair. why were you thinking about this is bed last night?
The government has the cure for this but they are in cahoots with the Gillette company. They will never release the cure so we will have to spend millions of dollars a year on razors. Or it's the hormones in cows milk :)
in the time magazine they showed a women from afghanistan at fifteen she had beautiful clear blue eyes and then they went and found her today at 30 something after the russian war and shes wearing a berka and chadrhi and shes got hair all over her face and neck from the darkness when we wear gloves are nails grow ,, seems to me a close relation between covering and hair ,, an olde dude
Why do women have hair on their legs? Why do some women have more facial hair than others?

Sorry to answer a question with two questions, but they're all connected. I don't think evolution is really the answer - man doesn't need hair on his body any more than a woman does. It's just that we're different. Men typically have more hair, at least on their bodies. But on their heads, men and women are more equal, but women typically have more hair and keep it longer.

Back to your question. Put simply, you have hair there because something in humans says that hair should grow there. Sure, culturally women would be happy if they could weed out that particular gene, just like they would like to be hairless on their legs. But that's just one of the quirks of being a woman that women will probably have to live with forever.
you'd never know this if you shaved often enough -- you should
be asking "why do women have underarm stubble ?"

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