Why am I sick AGAIN?

I just got over ra really bad cold, about a week and a half ago. Now it seems like I am getting sick again - sore throat, stuffed nose, ears hurt, tired. How could it be that I am getting sick again so soon? Help!
Answers:    Are you getting enough rest (about 7-8 hours per night)? If your body is tired, your immune system is lowered. Not getting enough sleep makes you vulnerable to getting sick regardless if you just got over a cold or not. Not getting enough fluids also contributes to getting sick.
In theory, you cannot catch the same cold unless your immune system has been reset (anti-biotic use). It might also be the same cold, just some sort of relapse. Finally, it might not even be a cold...it could be allergies.
Did you take all of your prescription if not thats probably why.
let it allout and dont surpress it in wiv tablets. thats teh way to go about it. take days off job and let it all out of ur system.; tahst best way and have loadsa fruit juices and water.
It's a relapse of this stupid thing going around. If your fever ever gets up to 102, see a doctor. Otherwise, you just have to suffer thru the stupid thing. Buy some Nyquil, and have a good night's sleep.
i get that too, but not this often. i get it because i dont sleep. i aways wait to the last minute to do my homework and i will stay up late.
u can always get a cold since it changes every time cuz its a virus. take medicine to get over it,
What's your alcohol content ? It could be depleting your vitamins ..or your resistance could be low if you rely on anti-biotics too much . Take vitamins and get plenty of rest on a daily basis .

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