i feel like im being shocked!!?

i have this pain, i guess?? in my leg.

when i walk, it will come out of nowhere.only on the upper part of my right leg. like on my lap.it happens quick and it feels like i'm being shocked.like every vain in that area is being shocked like the spider web affect, only much faster. it does this a couple of times real quick till i shake it off. what could that be? it's only been doing that for a few weeks now.

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looking for more of a doctors theary or medical terms. thank you
Answers:    If the pain is on the top of the thigh it is more likely compression of the femoral nerve which commonly refers pain to the top of the thigh. This is in contrast to the sciatic nerve which commonly refers pain to the back of the leg. The mechanism usually works the same.ie, it is usually causes by a bulging or herniated disc, or a bone spur that suddenly grabs the nerve root. Your description of the pain coming "out of nowhere" is typical with this type of problem It may also happen with prolonged sitting or during transitional movements such as going form sit to stand.

Circulatory problems, on the other hand will usually bother the person right as the pressure is being released off of the artery or with prolonged walking and is relieved with rest.

Your pain is much more consistent with a neurological problem. Be sure to follow up with your physician to have further testing and/or a referral to physical therapy.
Pinched nerve
pinched nerve ??
It's probably that nerve that runs through your a**. I believe it's called the sciatic nerve. Go get it checked.
Could be a pinched nerve causing muscle spasms. Talk to your doctor about it. He may send you to a neurologist to check it out. A good chiropractor can re-align your bones not to pinch that nerve any more..if that's all that's wrong.
Later, when you are resting, if you were to massage that side of your buttocks, does it feel tender? It could be sciatica pain. Sometimes the muscles in the hip and buttocks tense up so much it can cause a 'tugging' on the bones which can then mis-align them a bit and cause irritation and pain around the nerve.

Sleep with a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side. It might take a little getting used to but you will find the extra support for your back very comfortable. Without a pillow, your heavy, top leg sinks downward and pulls on the hip joint. It is also pulls on the muscles that hold the leg in place. Putting a pillow between your knees raises your top top leg so that it is better aligned with your back. With the support, the muscles can rest more thoroughly and not go into spasm as easily.

Uneven Leg Length: You can ask your doctor to arrange for a full-lenth, verticle x-ray so that the doctor can look for any discrepencies in leg-lenght. If there is a slight difference in one leg, the doctor might advise you that you need a little insert in one shoe to add the extra bit of height to one leg and balance you out.

Have respect for your posture. Try not to sit too much with your legs curled under you and to the sideis bad for your back. The curve which that position put your back into can irritate lower back and upper leg muscles - right where the discomfort is!

If this is the start of sciatica for you and it is muscle related then you are potentially in for bouts of a lot of pain.

I have found ibuprophen to be the most effective pain reliever, even over demerol and morphine ( I suffer severe flair-ps). I assume it is its anti-inflammatory properties that make the difference, supported by its analgesic properties. The work well to dull the pain.

Muscle relaxers (perscription) present their own challenges, such as, depending on your job, you might not be up to the challenge of a full work load.

The crippling pain that is possible will not be cured by drugs. While they will help and are often important from the coping with the pain aspect, they do not, however, fix the problem. Don't rely only on pain meds; get massages by someone. Don't be uncomfortable if they massage your buttocks; that is the problem hotspot. Massaging there attacks the spasming muscle directly. Having massages daily (or more) while the muscle is spasm is very important for getting the msucle to relax. Massage is an absolute must. If you get a sever spasm, this is the best way.
Do you sit on your leg often? How about crossing your legs? Finally, do you lean on your leg with your arm or elbow? It sound like you have reduced circulation in one of these ways and now you feel the blood rushing back in. Just try massaging the areas that are affected. If it does not help seek the help of medical professionals.
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