Does Crystal Meth deplete potassium??

I heard that it does and i was wondering. I am asking from a medical perspective not a drug users perspective. I did meth and saw my fair share of people die. I dont need someone to tell me not to do it just an answer to the question. Thanks a million! =D
Answers:    I can't locate any medical research that says it depletes potassium. Unless malnutrition counts. Then, yes it does.

Dopamine yes, but nothing on potassium
For someone who has done it before you should know that it depletes so much more than just potassium from your body. You should know that there is nothing that drug probably doesn't deplete you of.
You really don't need worry about it now. However, when the time comes to worry about the eventual damaging toxic effects to your probably won't have enough brain cells left to notice anyway!

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