Why does our body temperature go up in the evening?

Why is it that our body temperatures rise as the evening goes on? I don't mean a lot -- but I've noticed that my temp goes up by a few tenths of a degree when I'm within a few hours of bedtime. So it might be 98.9 or 99.0 F when normally it's 98.6. I've heard this is fairly common, but I don't know why. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Answers:    the reason your body temperature goes up is becuase of sleep..what makes you fall asleep is triggered by your body temperature.your body temperature will drop sharply right before you fall asleep that is what makes you fall asleep in the beginning of the night..what is happening to you is your body is getting ready to go to sleep..so it is slowly raising your body temperature by a few degrees in getting ready for your body temperature to drop when you fall asleep..so what is raising your body temperature is really you body clock getting ready for you to sleep...
because since it's cold, your body is working too hard to get you warm. by da way i don't noe im eleven yeers old so don't blame my brain that i don't know lol jp
Because you get hornier more at night.
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