If you get soap in your eye, could it burn part of your cornea off?

I got soap in my eye and it was very painful. I flushed my eye out about 6 times, but there is still a bit of pain. When I looked closer at my eye, it looked like there was either something on it (like a string of eye goop) but then I thought maybe it was a ridge..where a layer of cornea had burnt off. I can see fine out of the eye, im just concerned. I keep checking my eye, and it seems to be looking better (this just happened about an hour ago) so maybe it's nothing.

Does anyone have any insight? If it is a bit of cornea missing will it grow back?

I've gotten soap in my eyes before, and even accidently sprayed perfume in them, so it's not like this has never happened to me before..
Answers:    Ahhhh.no. It would prob have to be pretty acidic and if it would be bad enough to burn your eye it would prob burn your skin.
good question.
i know how u feel dont be concerned it actually happened to me today too just put water on it and leave it it really hurts but u got to leave it alone if it doesnt get better contact a eye doctor im sure u would be better bye tommrow feel better this happens to many others
im thinking you will be ok otherwise, there would be a really large warning label an all soaps and shampoos saying "WARNING: If contents gets into eyes, see doctor immediately."

but then again, im no doctor. But i think you will be alright.
its probually just a small goop of soup
and it wouldn't burn part of your cornea off
Well, I have had the stringy thing before and it eventually disappeared somehow. How long have you been suffering this? Wait for about a week and make sure your eyes don't get an infection. If it doesn't seem to get any better, go to the clinic or something and ask if it's serious.
you most likely still have a small amount of soap there but is worth the time to have your eye Dr check it for you
I had some in my eye plenty of time and nothing. One day I got some perm (which is more dangerous than soap) go in my eye and I had blurred vision for a month in that eye and I assume I was scarred for life. Believe it or not my vision returned.
no- defiantly not=rinsed with lot of cool water and it will be OK.
no dont worry its normal it burns the white is residue from the soap!

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