How long does it take to get over Strep Throat?

I am just getting over having strep throat and I have finished taking all of the pills for the s.throat. How long should it take to get over strep throat because like I said I finished it but I still don't feel 100%, I feel about 65% better. Does it take alittle while longer to get better even if you just finished taking the antibiodics?
Answers:    With strep, you are supposed to take your antibiotics for 3 more days AFTER the pain stops. So giving a patient just a weeks worth, or just 10 days worth, of antibiotics isn't enough medication sometimes.

You need to schedule an appointment and GO BACK to the doctor, tell them everything, especially if you are still in pain or when the pain stopped in relation to when you ran out of pills.

I'd love to know:
(1) what drug you were on?
(2) how many milligrams was each pill?
(3) how many times per day you took the pills?
(4) how many pills did you get?
(5) did they do a five minute strep swab AND a culture?
(6) are you allergic to any drugs making them choose one treatment over another?

Call your doctors office and if they can't get you back in within 24 hours (for a re-check) then go to a walk-in clinic. They take insurance, little to no waiting time to be seen, and you'll be in & out in about half an hour.

Get well soon!
Took my wife about 2 weeks to fully recover (after starting the antibiotic regimen).

Hope you feel better.
I just got over it in about 6 days without anti biotics hmm each case is different I guess.
When you cut your finger, putting a bandaide on it doesn't make it all better. Strep-throat damaged cells in your throat and they need to heal before it feels 100% better.
You should see a very quick recovery with antibiotics... if it is still bad, you should go back in... there are some resistance strains now... Also, my son had strep, it was cleared with Zithromax, and then 2 weeks later came down with another case - the doctor said that re-infection is relatively common...

You also may have another (perhaps viral issue) going on... see the doc to find out.
take a shot of tequila- with honey and lemon-
or do gargles- with warm salt water-
chicken soup-
that should make you feel good- be ok in less than one day-
Give it a week and you will be fine.
I had strep just before Christmas 2005. Man, it wiped me out!

It wasn't before the end of March 2006 before I started feeling 100%. Give yourself time to recuperate.

As you were on antibiotics, I would recommend that you start to take a probiotic immediately (they also go under the name of yogurt pills, acidophilus pills).
Your immune system begins in your gut, and when the antibiotics killed off the nasty bacteria it also killed off the good bacteria. By eating yogurt with live cultures, taking a probiotic supplement (available at any health food store and many pharmacies) you are infusing your gut with healthy bacteria so that the bad bacteria can't get a foot hold.
Not taking care of it now could leave you open to fungal and yeast infections, poor digestion and a compromised immune system.

Keep healthy!

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