Shoulder Pain and grinding noise?

I have this pain in my left shoulder/ blade thats quite annoying. It comes once in a while and feels like a stab or a burning feeling in my shoulder blade. When i move my arm or shoulder it always makes a faint pop and grinding feeling. I have never hurt my shoulder or dislocated it. Does anyone know what this condition is and any remedy? Thanks.
Answers:    Whatever you do, get it checked out and MRI'd so you know what it is and do the appropriate exercises, etc.

The worst thing you can do is not use the shoulder because that's what happened to me. It was painful so I stopped using it and now I have what they call frozen shoulder due to lack of use and the muscles and tendons are very tight and I have to do intensive therapy exercises to work it out.

In my case it turned out to be a small tear on the rotator cuff with tendonitis with calcification.

Good Luck!
Could be an overuse injury, not neccassirely related to a specific one-time. Do you play sports? IF your a pitcher, it could be rotator cuff, or something else similar.

I would definitely get it checked out. Only a doctor can give you a diagnosis. And that grinding sound doesnt sound too good, esp. if you are active, you dont want to reinjure. In the meantime, if it happens again, maybe try icing it??
It could be overuse or a bone spur.
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