What is the easiest way to break your hand?

Answers:    smash it with a hammer, get some one to stomp on it, lay down on the road and let a car, bus, van run over it - you can do this on a railway line too (but in this case there won't be much left of your hand).
What a silly question and I can't imagine why you want to give a talk on how to break your hand!
why break your hand dude?
are you emo?
Slam it in a car door, crush it with a vice, have a friend run it over.
Why would you WANT to?
Punch a wall - do you have an assignment due that you dont want to finish?
Hit it with a hammer...freak.
Breaking your hand is a bad idea. There's a fairly good chance you would never regain full use of it, because the bones are so fragile and there are so many nerves to damage in it.
Push the refrigerator on top of it.
I thought about doing this to get out of failing an exam before. Take up skateboarding and test your skills in the half pipe. That will take care of it.
Slam it as hard as you can against a brick wall. it worked for Tom Petty
using a hammer and trying to talk on a cell phone at the sametime.
I was running in new fallen snow with slick bottomed boots. Snapped it right off the wrist. Multi-compound fractures.
The most common I've seen is from falling. It's a reflex to extend the hands in the downfall to try to catch yourself. It's relatively easy to break the hand, or wrist, this way.
Punching something hard like a table or brick wall. Hubby just broke his last weekend.temper temper.
Punch something really hard, like a door, wall, get caught in the car door.
are you nuts?? Try punching a wall or have someone drive a car over it
if you are right handed, in your left hand take a large headed mallot or small sledge hammer and bring it down very quickly from about 36 to 40 inches from the offensive hand. If you are left handed, you may not be able to get that much distance before the strike, so you may have to result to repeated blows. Good Luck with your hand breaking!
youll see
[use strong anesthesia and then put your hand on the inside of a car door handle as if to pull it, but instead, crouch and bend your hand to its uttermost demise]
I would take a wild guess and say a sure way of breaking your hand is to strap your hand using four peices of duct tape ( the gray color tape ) to an atomic bomb exactly like the one we dropped on Hiroshima.
ask a big dude to hit it with a hammer... can't get pissed at a big dude, unless you wanna be put in more pain =0
What class are you in? You're gonna make a speech on that?
Well, it very easy to break your hand riding bikes or motorcycles. When you hit something frontally, your hands come first. Your reflex is to put your hands before your head hit the ground...or. BKB. My husband has more than one finger/hand accident.

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