Should i use Vicks Vapor Rub for my stuffy nose?

I bought it and i want to know how long should i use it, should i go to sleep with it, leave it on for an hour...?


Can i use Advil PM with vicks vapor rub ( safely )
Answers:    You can apply the Vicks on your chest and on upper part of your back before you go to sleep and leave it till the next morning. If your nose feels very stuffy, put a small part of Vicks into warm water, then you can breathe in the vapour. I guarantee, your stuffy nose will feel better in just 1 minute. Good luck :)
a dab will help open the nasal passages,but dont overdo it as it can be very irritating.
Yes, to both questions. You can leave the Vicks all night long. You may take Advil PM with the Vicks...Safely.
I'd leave it on when you go to sleep - yes, you can safely use both Advil PM with vicks vapor rub
Vicks vapor rub... the kind that you rub on your chest.. can be applied and left on all night. If you not sure just check the directions on the bottle/jar.

Advil PM will just help you sleep and take care of the achiness and should not affect the vapor rub in any way.

Hope you feel better!
Yes put it under your nose and on your chest nice to put warm wash rag over nose and breath in a couple of minutes leave it on go to bed! And it has no affect using it with Advil P M!
i kinda like the vapor thing, its minty so it should help
Yes, you can use Advil PM and Vicks at the same time safely. I would suggest DimeTap for your runny nose however, if you're wanting better results, and Vicks will only help open your airways and not help clear up the source of the running nose (cold/allergies).
Yeah, Vapor Rub is good for a stuffy nose. I know I always hated having to use it a long time ago, but it always helped. We always put it on our upper chest, but I've heard you can put it right under your nose, too. It would probably be fine to use Advil PM as well, as long as you take only the recommended dose, since Vapor Rub doesnt actually go in your body or anything.

NOTE: If you put the Vapor Rub on your chest at night before bed, you might want to shower in the morning, as it can leave an "unpleasant smell".
There is no harm in using Vicks Vapor Rub if it really helps you. Since it is a topical rub, taking Advil or Advil pm wouldn't contradict using Vicks. As far as I know, Vicks is not addictive--I would think you could use it as often and as long as you need it for your stuffy nose without any ill effects. You can take anything else internally--like Alka Seltzer, Advil, any kind of decongestant, etc., and it will not be a safety issue while using Vicks.
yes vapor rub works good around your nose not in it advil pm is safe too no harm with both.
just rub it outside your nose and leave it there till the next day..
Yeah its safe. Also try eating some jalapeƱos they will clear up your nasal passages really quick
Yes! I am using it right now. You can use it overnight. and yes. Vicks is considered an like an external treatment. It doesn't go through your bloodstream. You can use it with any medications.

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