Does anyone care if i killed myself?

i got D for my chemistry, A for english,B for my math,E for my biology,C for physics and B for my history.i know,its dad said im stupid and know he totally ignore mom busy with her life and i barely have a friend. everyhting is going wrong right now :(
Answers:    Billy! Dude. you are not stupid because your dad says you are, he is. I get horrible grades. I'm 44 yrs old and STILL trying to get thru college and people tell me all the time I'm the smartest guy they know! (Which is pretty embarassing!) My dad was, i'll, bet a bigger jerk than yours. he has no business being ashamed of you for this. chemistry is hard, homework is a bch, (I got respect for anybody who can get an A in English. good job!), and it doesn't help with the old man riding you all the time! I know it feels horrible to get bad grades - i've done it a lot! - but I'm nice to people, people like me, i'm happy and i have fun. I have wanted to kill myself so many times. I feel you, my young brother. you can e-mail me if you want. I'm not a stalker or a predator or a perv - it's just that I've been thru what you are going through and if you need somebody to just email to, you can email me - - maybe it's a good thing he's ignoring you - do what you want - he won't notice - haha. freak him out and do something nice for him - not to kiss his butt, but just to show him you can be the bigger man. hang in there, buddy.
Hey, dont worry, Its passing grades. Thats all that matters.
Uhm, I would not be okay to kill yourself.
study when you have a quiz coming up and everything.
I have bad grades and of course, parents will get mad at you for a while, but you know they really do love you and would be so upset if you killed yourself, think about all your family and how horrible the death would be for them.

I just went through a death in my family...5 months ago, and im still in moroning, Ill even be a friend to you.
Just dont go killin yourself
I would be sad if a young person killed themselves over some lousy grades and jerky parents.

Hard to believe... but of you can get through this phase, you can build a very useful and productive life. Boy, your dad sounds like a jerk! This is why I think every pregnant couple should be forced to take parenting classes. You already feel like crap about your grades, and then he says this? damn!

Just get through it. 1) it could be a temporary glitch. 2) Not everyone is academically gifted. You can still be prosperous, and useful and happy without going to MIT.

by the by. I actually dropped out in the 10th grade! (I did, of course, go on to junior college, university, and grad school). I only mention it because if a stranger had looked at me at 15, they would have thought I was a retard without knowing what I was going through in my head.
That would be terrible if you killed yourself!
If you think you're grades are bad, look at the good ones happily, and try to improve on the not-so-good ones. :)
awww poor dear! how old are you? Well those are all passing grades you dont have any f's..but even though I don't know you its still said that you would kill your self.this is what my mom told me: theres always rough times in life but sooner or later it will get better. so please dont take death for a opinion. and remember you CANNOT kill what you DID NOT create. and god gave you the gift of life so live it. and if you do kill your self you are going to hell cause you disobeyed god. soo please some one will be sad some were if you kill your self :((( dont take death for a answer :(
Have you ever heard the expression - And this too will pass?
Never even think that not being on the earth is an option. You were put here for a reason, and we would miss you if you weren't here. Work a bit harder in school and ask your Dad to help you study for tests, that way he knows how tough the classes really are. And when you are grown get a good job and save money to pay for all the great vacations you will take without your parents!
I am sorry that your parents are not taking time for you. Shame on any parent who tells a child they are stupid. You need to consider the fact that he is quite ignorant of parenting. You need to ask your Mother to sit down and talk with her. Don't say anything to cause a confrontation, but tell her how you feel. This is very important because she may not be aware that you are having problems since they aren't there for you. Your grades aren't what they should be, but the fact that you recognize this and are concerned is a good sign because you now know you need to put more effort into your studies. Good luck and God Bless you.
An A in English! That's good! Are you going to be a writer?

Sounds like you're lonely... you might try finding some activity outside school where you can meet people who like the same things you do. Life gets better when you get out of school and you have a bit more control. Don't give up now!
don't think about. we are your friends
take care and good luck
Please think about what you contemplating, your parents do LOVE YOU-talk to them. If you can't talk to them what about a teacher or counselor at school, maybe even a friends parent.
It sounds like you are a teen, are you? Grades are not the end of the world, they can be changed and worked on. Some of todays biggest stars, athletes, or CEO's didn't have straight A's, some were drop outs. What seems wrong to you today you'll laugh about tomorrow, remember when life gives you lemons make lemonade, don't give up, things will turn around. you can e-mail me if you would like to talk. I'm a mom of 2, a teen girl & boy.
say to your dad,don't expect me too much or maybe u can tell him you are still young and u have time to show him wrong..for me you're good man u know what,suicide is selfish,don't be selfish..what to do know is find a job,move out and buy a car

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