Why do people have a bowel movement when they die?

An acquiantance died and they said they had to go clean up the "mess"?
It reallywonders me why do people have a bowel movement when they die? I don't remember my grandmother having one.
Answers:    Not all people have bowel movements when they die.
Unless you actually have feces in the colon,ready to be elminated do you do this and even at that it doesn't happen all the time.
Cleaning the mess might refer to urine that is most definately eliminated at the time of death and that is because the urethra is no longer being controlled.
Cleaning the mess might also refer to any IV's that were going at the time of death that are removed and often times spilled when they are discontinued.
all the muscles relax including the spincter muscle which keeps the anus closed when this happens all the bowel contents leak out.
The muscles in the body relax when a person dies. The sphincter at the anus is one of those muscles. If your grandmother had had a bowel movement before she died, she may not have had one at the moment of death.
everything relaxes as the person dies=this person must have had fecus in the bowel
that's why it is better to die with your pants on.

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