How long will weed stay in my system if i smoked only twice this month? Will i pass a drug test?

Answers:    if you only smoked 2x and haven't smoked much before that, it'll probably be gone in about 10-14 days. the month rule is more for regular smokers. the best thing to do is go to walgreens get 2 at home drug test a few days before your drug screen. take one, if it is pos, then drink h20 (tons) and some vinegar. then take the 2nd test. if the first comes neg, return the 2nd test. those tests are very reliable and actually their detection rate is a much lower degree then most pre-employment screening, meaning you can have a smaller amount in your system and come positive on the home test then the work test.
why do you people come on here telling him crap b/c you don't like weed? why answer this question, you 2 pt wanting hos. there's nothing wrong with weed. and there's nothing wrong with wanting a job. truthfully, i am from a manufacturing town where all the companies have drug tests and you know what's it done? it's turned everyone into coke and meth heads b/c that only stays around for 2-3 days. It's sad b/c w/o drug tests they would have stuck w/ dope. You people need to get a clue, like it or not, people like to party. We all can't be perfect like some of you. If I was the question asker, I'd tell most of you to stick it.
Good luck, you'll pass. Don't believe the month hype ... as long as it's a urine test.
All month it will stay with you
nope and honestly I hope you get caught because it will teach you why it is illegal
IT will stay for one month. some more sophisticated tests may show 60.. however, HAIR tests will last longer. 6 months i believe.
Marijuana will stay in your system for 30 days.
Kenny, it is unlikely you will pass this test. Sorry.
I think ultimately it depends on how many puffs you had. Alot or alittle. I would say you would be definitely safe ina month or maybe 3 weeks if you didn't smoke like more than a joint or two..drink lots of water prior to your test. Also there are kits at stores like GNC that I heard work well.
u see it's stored in the mucus of your lungs. Maybe now you will see how it stays so long. u shall not pass the test.
Ok, weed particles usually stay for, like, 2-3 weeks after smoking.
The delta-9-tricannabinoid, as it is, will stay a bit longer, bit not TOO long.
Now, weather you should pass the test depends on 2 things:
1:How long has it been since you've smoked?(And how much)
2:What precautions will you take?

As precautions, i suggest drinking a lot of water right before the test(About 3-5 Litres should do), and dring a lot of lemon juice(I mean, from REAL lemons, not the cheap stuff you buy in cartons - the real deal, home-made)...Ina much lesser quantity, of course.
Drink a lot of water,and go to the bathroom frequently for the next couple of days, to get as much DTC out of your system as possible...
Just don't overdo it, you don'twant any digestion problems or anything...
it will probably stay around a month...but it also depends on your weight too. some thc chemicals are stored in fat some ppl that are heavier will take longer to detox then someone who doesn't weigh as much. there are also things to cover up thc and other drugs for drug tests...they do in at least in my city. i used the stuff and passed my drug test and i was a chronic smoker who smoked the day before.
THANK YOU HELEN!! I am a smoker myself, and i will personally say that i have seen so many people die from regular tobacco smoking, and so much more deaths because of alcohol, and over 100,000 people die EVERY YEAR due to prescription related deaths, and thats when the doc CORRECTLY diagnoses and CORRECTLY prescribes the medication, and the patient takes the medication AS PRESCRIBED by the doctor. (more facts regarding this can be viewed at , go half way down page)
So many drug companies are being sued / recalled for even knowingly putting out prescription drugs on the market when they knew that years later there would be deadly side effects, and there are so many other secrets the drug companies and the government are keeping from us, but they and others are SO QUICK TO JUDGE people that use NATURAL REMEDIES, CREATED BY GOD HIMSELF as safer medicines for healing purposes. What has this world come to. I smoke marijuana to help myself relax. I do not go out to get my self trashed everynight and munch on chips all day like people like to stereotype us. I am successful business owner, who spends a lot of quality time with my family, i tithe and donate time with my church, and I am active in my community. Oh sorry I don't fit the stereotypes that you like to categorize us people who like to seek natural options before resorting to potentially hazardous drugs JUST BECAUSE YOU SAW IT ON TV? Now thats NAIVE!! Well I got something to share with you, other people arent always like that either. There are such people as responsible smokers.

sorry i just had to get that out of my system. So anyways, to answer question, you may be safe after two weeks. Most assume 30 days because they forget to ask how often you smoke it. Also, your body fat content, if it is larger, will tend to store THC for a longer time. I myself smoke seldomly just when I am stressed out, or just want to relax. I had quite a bit one time but passed a test two weeks later. Again because i seldom do it. To be safe though drink plenty of water or cranberry juice. Using detox formulas like Vales, etc. can be risky because some tests will actually detect the solution, which some employers will treat the same as the THC itself
The Marijuana Drug Test detection time-urinalysis
Light smoker or acute dosage 1-3 days
Moderate use (4x / week) 3-5 days
Heavy smoker (daily) 10 days
Heavy, chronic use (5+ joints/day) 10-21+ days
Oral ingestion 1-5 days
look drug use time table here

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