I keep feeling light headed and slightly dizzy , whats wrong with me, thanks?

Answers:    Possibly low blood sugar. Eat a banana and you'll soon feel better.
you're probably having a sugar crash. eat something and see if you feel better.
I had same problem...was diagnosed with vertigo!
could be anaemia
You could have low blood pressure, I get that.
Or you could be anaemic.
Ask your doc, not us!
your'e light headed and dizzy - hope this helps.
Eat! And eat regularly. Good quality foods.
It could be anything! Go to a doctor if you're not on a diet or anorexic.
Use your common sense...
Could be low blood sugar, anemia, low blood pressure, or something else. I'd go to the doc's to get their opinion.
Could be a number of things:

did you eat enough today?
Did you drink enough fluid today?
do you get more dizzy when you move around?
did you get enough sleep last night?
How long have you had this?
Have you been drinking alcohol?

You could have low blood sugar, you could be anaemic or you could have an ear infection...
Have you been drinking? You could be drunk. More info is needed.
Low blood pressure/sugar levels? You can get packets of special glucose sweets to help you out, they really worked for me.

It might be a good idea to see a doctor though.
I was having the same symptoms and a year later I was diagnosed as being a diabetic.If I were you I would see your doctor.Good Luck
my Dad's had the same problem, he fainted Friday night, his Potassium was extremely low, take Potassium pills or eat a banana for now, but low Potassium is one of the number one reasons for light headedness.
maybe need to drink more water
that could be many things i suggest you start by checking your pulse and blood pressure.
check the side effects of any medication you take most importantly new medications
this is most likely a blood pressure problem but it could be something like a stroke as well a small stroke so i suggest you see your doctor if you can .
many drug stores now have blood pressure machines you can use there so try that . cut out extra salt from your diet for awhile if the pressure is too high.
if this continues you should see your physician
Could be an inner ear infection. There may or may not be accompanying pain in the ear. But try closing your eyes and tipping your head back and standing on one foot. If you can hold the position for more than 30 seconds, then you don't have any problems with your ears.
it might be your blood pressure or blood sugar. eating or having sth sweet will help.

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