bruised arms after blood tests?

i had some blood tests done this week and both of my arms are looking a little bruised after. I don't remember this happening before.. is this normal? I know this is a bit of an odd question, but I'm wondering if anyone would know. any nurses, docs, or lab technicians out there??
Answers:    Sometimes this happens after blood draw. Maybe not enough pressure was applied after the needle was removed. Or pressure not applied long enough. Its normal. will fade away just like any other bruise.
they may have just used a larger needle or went through your vein, and yes it is very normal, i have had welts before, quite uncomfortable
Yeah it is depends on the skill of the tech.
You didn't mention your age or whether you take blood thinners or asprin all of which can cause the brusing.
blood was released under the skin
it means they were carelessly looking for a can get on them for that crap.
it is normal. the bruising results from activity or movement of the test area without first waiting for the vein to clot and the skin. The needle makes a hole in the skin and in the vein. Most times when people see that the skin has a clot they will remove pressure or become active before the vein has had a chance to clot. The vein will bleed and result in a bruise. To avoid, keep pressure on site for two minutes. If the test site is your mid arm, do not bend at the elbow, keep your arm straight for the two minutes with pressure on the site.
Sounds like a bad blood sucker to me!
That happens. A little blood is under the skin and it happens, no need to worry. Be careful how much aspirin you take - that's a blood thinner and it'll happen more often. If the plebologist (the technician) is good, then they know how to do it carefully that you won't bruise as much or at all. It's common though.
Very common. I've never had blood drawn without getting a bruise.

You're more likely to bruise if you bend your elbow before the bleeding stops.
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