Thyroid lesions?

Does any one know what a "hypodense lesion" is? I recently had a CT Scan to determine if I had scarring on my left middle lobe of my lung and the CT Scan showed that I had a "hypodense lesion of the right lobe of my thyriod gland measuring approx. 1cm in greatest dimension and the appearance is nonspecific".
Answers:    Hypodensity on a CT scan indicates that the tissue under investigation (in this case, your 1 cm thyroid nodule) appears radiologically less dense than the surrounding thyroid tissue. The CT scan has found a lesion within the thyroid gland. It is not possible to determine the exact aetiology/nature of the lesion on the radiological appearance. All that can be reported is that a lesion with a different density is present. Your G.P will now need to make further decisions on your management.

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