Is it bad to cross your legs?

i have sat with my legs crossed at the knee probably starting when i was around seven now i am fourty. i cross them every time i sit down, and always with the same leg right over left. eventually after a long period of crossing, my top leg gets numb. i have heard that crossing your legs can cause vein problems, back problems, and hip problems, i dont have any at all, but is this true that it is bad? do you cross your legs also? and are you aware it might be bad?
Answers:    Not good...
stretch your body daily and you'll only have to worry about the vein problem..because the vein is a real problem
If you can you should train yourself out of the habit.
as a nurse I can tell you that crossing your legs is not good for you. Doing it for as long as you have, the damage done may not be apparent to you yet, but it likely will be as you get older, the primary problem is a circulatory one, maintain the habit and as you age you increase your risk of clot formation, and if a clot breaks loose, you can have a pulmonary embolus which can be fatal, not to mention a stroke. It's one habit you would do well to break.
My doc told me to stop.
I do that with my hands and legs. I think it might be bad. But, just look it up. If it gets worse, chat with your doctor about it at your next visit.
its out of respect..
All it does is Pinches your Vein. When it goes numb, its because not enough blood flow is getting to your legs, because the other leg is closing the Vein a little bit, thats also what happens when your foot goes to sleep and so on.I wouldn't worry.
In my 20's a specialist told me much the same "the_only"
had in her answer. But additionally, it is not Good Etiquette
to sit with legs crossed, especially in a skirt. The proper way
to sit is with knees together and legs tucked under a chair or
to the side. The good doctor did remind me of this.

When I used to sit the way you have been, I'd twist my foot when getting up in a hurry from legs being crossed and legs down to my feet would be numb from constricted blood circulation.
crossing your legs is bad for your hips, this can cause you to need hip replacements as it unaligns your back and hips.

I do it some but not alot as I have severe knee problems.
I only know that crossing your legs is bad when you get your hair cut.

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