I am thin but for 2 yrs played video games and ate nothing but packets of chips and drunk coke now I want to exercise but when ever I do I think I feel like im going to have a heart attack.

is it a risk or is this healthy.
Answers:    dont listen to that guy your fine everyone's does that just dont exercise way to fast or for too long at a time
Looks like the cardiologist is in your future. If you don't see one, you will be making a serious mistake.
there are prices for being a couch potato for any length of time, you don't mention your age, and that is more important than how heavy or thin you may be..chest tightness or pain is never normal, would recommend you see a cardiologist to rule out a problem with your heart before you proceed. (especially if there is any history of heart disease in your family)
See a doctor first about symptoms and they will recommend a beginners program for you after testing.
It's good for you as long as you keep it in moderation. That is, stop and rest when it starts hurting. Don't push yourself too hard, but keep doing a little bit at a time, and gradually you'll be able to exercise longer and harder without it hurting too much. It won't be risky as long as you know your own limits. Good luck.
You need to start slower. I had something similar. You have to work your way up to shape to start getting in shape. Yes, I know that makes no sense. first, meet with your doctor to discuss what you want to do. Then start walking. AND THAT'S IT. Just walk! Walk for half an hour to an hour every day. I am serious! Do this for a couple of weeks. Increase the speed in which you walk, and try to take some hills and places that will get your heart rate up a bit.
You will lose weight, you will exercise your heart and body and prepare yourself for more rigorous exercise. If you jump right into exercise/jogging etc you could hurt yourself, trigger a heart attack etc.

Take it slow. When you do exercise, don't over do it. The key is, you need to make this a life change, not something that makes up for all your years eating chips and swilling soda, so be good to your body.
Its good when you feel tight because it means that your chest had a good workout. It happens same to everyone. It is not a risk. But you just gotta start exercising in subsequence. LIke you start off doing something small amount and as days pass you increase the amount of things you do. If you just start of doing a lot in one day, only then it could be a risk of something physical pain or maybe even heart attack.
well..you should always see a doctor before starting any type
of physical activity,.this is why athletes have physicals before they can play sports,etc...in your case a vist to MD would be wise to check for anemia,heart valve problems,lung problems,etc.if everything checks ok,then you're all set.go gettum !!
Tightness in your chest on exertion is cause for enough concern to see a doctor. Don't put it off, and don't exercise anymore until you're evaluated.

Classic symptoms of a heart attack include shortness of breath, profuse sweating, a dull aching pain radiating from the center of the chest down the left arm up through the jaw and sometimes to the back. A pressing or crushing tightness in the chest, nausea and sometimes vomiting.

Problem is, not everyone has every symptom every time. Get it checked out. You should have a physical before starting a diet and exercise regime anyway.

Good luck and good health.
"is it a risk or is this healthy."

After living the lifestyle you did for two years it would be best to see your doctor and get proper physical done. ESPECIALLY since you are getting tightness across the chest when exercising!

Don't waste time, go and see your doctor.
It's your cardiovascular endurance that's acting up, since your not used to exercising because of the two years of video games and junk food. Your heart rate changes according to your lifestyle (ex. your heart pumps more blood if your an active person and less blood when your an inactive person), so now that you're exercising your heart is pumping more blood around your body at a faster rate, which is probably why you feel like your having a heart attack. But you shouldn't push yourself too hard if your just starting to exercise, especially if your not used to it. Take the minimum amount and just work your way up, that should improve your cardio. It's only a risk if you push yourself too hard, otherwise it should be healthy. But you should stay away from fatty foods for awhile.

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