Why do I get a headache when I don't eat?

For example if i don't eat Lunch or dinner I get the worst headache ever, I also get them if something has a stong smell like purfume/Colonge.
Answers:    hello glad to answer i can help you out cause i had to have a similar problem like yours. while you are working playing or walking your body spends energy and the food you eat is converted into energy and the nutrients are mixed in the blood and are reached to your muscles working(of hand and legs both) similarly your brain the natural computer if you are aware is constantly working and it has got thousands of responsibilties other than thinking; like supervising or controlling your complete body if it is going to run under nutrition naturally the body will send you signals of pain so as to meet it's nutritional needs so also there are a certain number of calories required in a day to spend by an average adult if you are not fulfilling the calory need and trying to follow the stupid yet most common nowadays fad and myth of dieting you are naturally under nutrition and the making and breaking process of cells is unbalanced .so also your brain constantly needs energy so your body needs healthy balanced meal so stop skipping ur meals and if u want to stay in shape try cutting rich-fat foods but not ur healthy foods!and at any cost don't avoid meals!
God bless!
you are hungry, your blood sugar is too low, and it gives you a headach...so EAT already!
When you dont eat the body goes into Survial mode and it makes u really Stressed trying eating a small snack or food for these times
I would say dehydration you need water as much as food.
as far as smell setting you off most people don't think when they add stick to themselves. or your sensitive.
Headaches from not eating are caused by your blood sugar dropping. It's never a good idea to skip meals, but if you have to, try to make sure you have a good meal supplement such as a can of Ensure to make sure your body is getting what it needs.
A headache is not a disease, but it may indicate that something is wrong. Headaches are common and generally are not serious. Approximately 50% to 75% of all teens report having at least one headache per month. However, more frequent headaches can be upsetting and worrisome for you. The most common headaches in your teens and early twenties are tension headaches and migraines. Sometimes these problems may require a visit to your medical provider. Fad diets and irregular eating can make you hungry and also give you a headache. Not getting enough fluids, especially on hot days or with increased exercise, can lead to dehydration and cause headache.

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